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  1. J

    Expandable 6x6

    This thing is pretty cool. I didn’t see it posted yet so figure I’d share. Not mine. No affiliation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Insuring DIY Hardside Camper Build on chassis cab truck

    Wondering those of you that made custom hardside campers on Chassis cabs, how you have them insured. I have a 1996 F350 Chassis cab ambulance. When I bought it, my DMV had no record of it being an ambulance, just an incomplete vehicle. They wouldn't even let me title it as a truck because it...
  3. J

    Pretty Useless but kind of funny

    Different strokes for different folks I suppose, but too unique not to share...
  4. J

    What is everyone's favorite solar, battery, controller combo these days?

    I'm getting to the point where I am going to be ordering my electrical components for my ambulance build. My last build (a ram promaster) I went almost all renogy with 2x 100W panels, a rover 40amp controller, a 20amp DC to DC charger and 2 cheap 6v golf cart batteries. I switched to the...
  5. J

    Suggestions for robust gutter mounts for self built roof rack?

    I'm looking to build my own roof rack for my ambulance. Probably out of 8020. When I did this on my van build, I used unistrut that bolted to the van specific adapters. For the ambo, it's got gutters so I'd like to just mount to those vs drill holes in the roof for stuff like solar and...
  6. J

    4x4 mitsu with Hilo

    No affiliation. Interesting build not a lot of info but for a 4x4 rig these days is a decent price assuming it’s functional.
  7. J

    1996 Ford F350 Powerstroke 4x4 Ambulance Build Thread

    I orignall posted this in Domestic full size expedition vehicles, but I think it probably belongs here(?) since I will be converting it into a camper. I recently sold my 2016 Ram Promaster that I had built out as a weekend get away camper primarily used for mountain biking and started searching...