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    Bushlite Candle Lanterns - US Group Buy

    My Order I'll take: x4 brass x4 kits x2 stands x2 spare globes
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    90's defender 110

    This is a great forum and a whole raft of overland knowledge but for what you are doing I recommend you pay a visit to NENE overland or Foley's and get a full assessment of your journey, kit needed and talk about buying certified vehicles they have in stock or can source for you from the huge LR...
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    Relocate Defender to America

    They are right you will have to leave your 2013 there ... HOWEVER! Buy TWO, No! make that THREE Perenties on auction. Make sure one is a 6x6. Bring them over and freaking sell two for the highest price you can. If you are going to leave your baby in Perth, make the storage costs pay for...
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    Take a look at the Defender accessories that I am making - Feedback appreciated.

    This is a good example of getting into the market with niche items that knock off the big expensive items ... I am digging these and for $120 they'd be on one of my trucks. However I'd make attachment point for the owner to put his own wiremesh screen on the backside for bugs and smaller rocks...
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    Take a look at the Defender accessories that I am making - Feedback appreciated.

    Wuntenn is right about security products. There are NO LHD related security products in the USA. 3 Pedal lock boxes like the 'Hardcase are well over $500 plus more than $150 shipping to the UDA with a lag time of months since they are custom made. I bought circular lock door hasps for my...
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    Two 130's and Something Slightly Longer

    External to internal - Love it ... nice
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    Take a look at the Defender accessories that I am making - Feedback appreciated.

    They are very nice but Entreq, Nakatenaga and others do these. Britpart sells standard ones for about +/- $50.00. The specialty items I have to go overseas for are: Defender specific rear storage boxes - impossible to find in the USA. internal side storage boxes, custom window guards...
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    Should I buy a defender 110?

    Clearly you are stationed at Signonella. LR MAX is right. If you can find a good Left Hand Drive 1989/1990 Defender 110 from Italian Carabinieri stock or go to Germany or the Netherlands and source one, preferably a V8 then do it and do it now. Do not get one that has been heavily modified or...
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    40+ Imported Defenders seized by Homeland Security Today (developing story)

    This theory and the stopping exports of thefts from the UK (which are crazy!) has been my working assumption since last year when the great CBP anti-Defender Jihad started at the same targeted dealership in NC. This spring I used a highly reputable importer and shipped my Defenders over from...
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    Roof Tent Replacement Ladder

    Sweet! I am already on it. Of all the thousands of overland items a replacment ladder is the hardest to find eh?
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    Roof Tent Replacement Ladder

    I have an Eeezi-Awn RTT but the ladder was lost during shipping it back to the USA in my household goods. Apart from bringing a separate ladder do any companies sell replacements here in the USA?
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    FOR SALE 2 CANADA: NAS/JAPAN LR D-90 1997 Auto w/4.6L Range Rover engine-IN DUBAI

    FOR SALE-CANADA OR OUTSIDE THE USA - My wife's daily runner. named "Baby Duck" was one of the two LRs we bought from the royal vehicle stable of Sheikh Maktoum (Royal Family of Dubai). We even have a copy of the Royal Family registration card which comes with the car. It was a hideous Orange...
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    Location: Dubai, UAE Price: $36,700 OBO PROS: AWESOME SPECS: 1989 Ex-UAE Army Special Forces LHD 110 Long Range Patrol Hardtop NAME: Dug the Dog VIN: SALLDHAM8EAXXXXXX CONS: NONE YET - JUST REBUILT OK Guys. After getting three of my six Defenders back into the USA I have decided NOT to...
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    86 Land Rover Defender 110 shop truck project

    That really is a great project you have going! Nothing better than an unloved beater turned into a perfect truck!
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    You can own a Defender 110 in the US

    I need the right hand wiper blade!
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    Awesome Defender 130 For Sale on Ebay in the US

    Question is ... can it be legally sold in the USA if it wasn't imported? It sounds like they are just passing though the USA on foreign tags.
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    6x6 defender off road camper build

    Congratulations!!! I am starting my rebuild of a Hotspur-Sandringham 6x6 and will be very interested in your progress down Brizzie ... as far as color goes ...whatever you do DO NOT get Bright Big Bird yellow! :Wow1:
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    110 ExMOD Defender

    I know a guy in Muscat who can get you all the sub-1988s ex-Omani 110 Pickups you want. Prices are staggeringly low.
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    The Anatomy of an overland Land Rover

    That's What I've done to mine. :iagree: That said door hasps are necessary in allot of places when you have to walk away just to keep kids out... Jeez just in Spain someone broke into my car (first the lock and then the window) to examine the contents of an empty McDonalds bag.
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    defender 130 3.5 V8 reborn

    Otokar makes them there. I've seen bunches in the Turkish Army. Looks like a Hicap bed with funky wheel arch guards. Still a GREAT project rebuild!