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    Make your 80 series Land Cruiser jacking safe

    I like the creativity you had in developing this!
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    I bought one just like that this past year for $200. The engine was beyond reasonable repair, which was fine with me as I had the engine from my wrecked 1996 that I ended up swapping in. Now I am working on swapping my locking axles and the OME lift in.
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    Guatemala and Back!

    Honduras Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I made this same trip twice in the mid 90's before Overlanding was cool. The majority of my fellow travelers were either from Europe or exporting vehicles from the US to Central America. I would love to do this again, but with only three weeks...
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    LA, Denver, Alaska, Inuvik and back - 5 months with a Land Cruiser FZJ80 (Pictures!)

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I have subscribed to this thread as I am wanting to make the same trip with my children this Summer. I think I will be taking my truck as we need more room than what my Landcruiser will provide.
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    Reef Madness 2015, Capitol Reef and Cathedral Valley

    Thanks for sharing. I really like how you are able to attach that Paha Que shelter to your camper. Was it made specifically for that or did you have to fabricate a mount for it? I also really liked the idea of seasonal window awnings.
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    Mustang as an overlander?

    I think soft roading is the operative term here. I had a 1979 Mustang that I took all over Arizona, Utah and Wyoming when I was the OP's age. I was at the Grand Canyon North Rim when I was approached by someone who needed a ride to push or jump start his truck. I was available to help and it...
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    Baja is Beautiful!

    Great trip report Greg! I have been itching to do this trip for a long time. My replacement LandCruiser is finishing getting an engine installed right now and I should be able to get everything ready for Spring break down that way. Would you venture to take a full sized truck down that way...
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    Willys Wagon in Cabeza Preita NWR

    Nice rig you have there and great trip report! Good on you for not letting fear keep you from exploring the area. Thanks for sharing.
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    Goodbye to my 80 series.

    Smashed? I want to hear the back story on this! As far as smashed, I rolled mine this past Summer and just bought a donor to swap the parts onto, it is like a modern day version of the 6 million dollar man, FJ80 version. I keep on thinking of buying a 100 series myself in spite of finding...
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    Lockhart Basin North to South - Nissan Frontier

    Great trip report and I love seeing vehicles that are so slightly modified they still look stock. Then you go on the trails and amaze everyone at what you can do!
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    5 People, 3 Generations, 1 Vintage Jeep - Exploring the San Juans for Fall Color

    That community you explored right off the highway looks a lot like Ironton. If you turned off from that area to head to Corkscrew Pass, then you were right in Ironton. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
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    Northern Montana and the Canadian Rockies, August 2015

    Great trip report. I have been wanting to make it up that way for several years and the opportunity has slipped through my fingers each time. I will have to find time to do this next Summer. I can take my F250 as it will haul the family and all of our gear. I am still not sure if I want to...
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    Clunk when shifting from R to D

    Once you rule out the U joints, perhaps consider the motor mounts.
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    [Video] Old Dale Mining District - The Journey To Gold Rose Mine

    Very nicely done! I really enjoyed watching this.
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    Idaho Fall Trip (Pictures)

    Nice pictures, I was thinking it would be nice to take my truck up there when I am that way. Your pictures answered my question right away, so perhaps I will have to get my Landcruiser up there.
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    Warming up at 13,207 feet for the trip to -282 feet

    Wow, this sounds like an epic first post. I think I am hooked! I loved your intro and look forward to hearing more.
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    The More We Explore - Trip Report Videos

    Thanks for sharing! I am glad the old cabin is still standing. My first trip up there was 34 years ago and I have not been back in 26 years. I really need to get up there again.
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    Trains, graveyards and ghost towns

    Wow, great scenery and a bit of a history lesson too! All this made for a very enjoyable reading of your trip report. Thanks for sharing.
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    Fall is Near...A Wyoming Excursion

    I always enjoy your trip reports! Were the roads pretty good in that area? I would love to get up there again sometime and cover the same trails you did. I just want to make sure that I bring the right tool for the job. Thanks for sharing!
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    Ditch the 80 for a Power Wagon?

    I have a full size crew cab truck and a Landcruiser. The truck is great for towing, gets better mpg and looks nice hauling the kids around town. The Landcruiser has more cool factor to it, is better for the backcountry trails and keeps up fine with the truck when I am pulling a trailer on the...