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    Interior bed length of Sprinter vs VW Eurovan

    Hi, I am contemplating purchasing a 4WD Sprinter (short tall) to replace my aging VW Eurovan but have just come to the realization that the short sprinter is considerably shorter (external length=144") compared to my Eurovan (external length=188.5). In fact the long Sprinter is also shorter...
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    Anyone make a DIY slide out?

    Hi, I am going to be purchasing a 4WD Sprinter and plan to do the camper mods myself. I want to get the shortest length Sprinter for easier parking and better rough road driving but the wife wants more space and amenities. I have seen several Sprinter outfitters who have side or rear slideouts...
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    Mercedes Factory 4WD Sprinter Van Coming to US?

    Hi, I have a 2003 VW Eurovan which I love but it is getting up in miles (95,000) and I have been thinking of what to replace it with. My van just has the pullout bed with no popup or other camping amenities which has been fine for us up until now. As my son is 7 now we can't all comfortably...