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  1. RaginRabbi

    Sleeping in a Frontier?

    Don't do it! A few weeks ago i slept across the back bench during a SAR training mission in the boonies. I'm about 5'9" or 10" too, and my legs were at a 90-degree angle all night long, because I was too lazy to set up the tent i had with me in the bed or on the ground. I'm a side sleeper so I...
  2. RaginRabbi

    SAR Vehicle Photos

    New pics...
  3. RaginRabbi

    SAR Vehicle Must-Haves..

    Here in WA state we can run amber-only lights for use in running escort for search teams, low speed urban searches, or when blocking roads for base camp checkpoints. Here is a list from KC4X4SAR rules for equipment: The required equipment identified in this section must be carried on all...
  4. RaginRabbi


    I was looking into it, but my unit said that only the on-scene leaders could wear hi-viz green/yellow, so I went with a reversible orange and black one from TSA. It's warm and comfy. So far so good.
  5. RaginRabbi

    Material for shelters

    my truck?
  6. RaginRabbi

    Extra brownie points?

    Or, as I heard from an ESAR guy who was riding shotgun with me at 1AM in the backcountry, looking for a wayward deer hunter: SAR - Delaying Natural Selection for the last 100 years! -or something to that effect. It's a little hard to remember everything from that looooooooong night.
  7. RaginRabbi

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Snowed in and dressed for duty
  8. RaginRabbi

    SAR Vehicle Photos

    My SAR Frontier
  9. RaginRabbi

    My new vehicle: 2005 Nissan Frontier

    I've got one on that I hardly ever use, because I haven't permanently wired the monitor in yet, but so far camera lens (situated across to of rear license plate) seems to be okay. Will probably need a wipe down next time I use it.
  10. RaginRabbi

    Introduction/Certification/Experience Thread

    Brand new to forum and SAR Since I can't find a New Members sub-forum I'd like to post my into here. I was referred by mike, a fellow Frontier driver and member of the ClubFrontier forum, where I'm a newly minted Junior-Moderator. I spent 6 years as a Navy Nuke Electrician and am now an HVAC...