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    Advanced Elements inflatable tandem kayak - SLC, UT - SOLD

    Location: SLC, Utah. Not interested in shipping at this time, would prefer a local buyer. Asking SOLD. We purchased a canoe and my wife prefers it, so we are selling our Advanced Elements 15 ft inflatable kayak. Condition It is in good, 100% working condition as it has been lightly used...
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    Benefit to charging AGM battery to full capacity?

    For someone with just one battery (not a dual battery setup) is there a real world benefit of having an AGM battery fully charged beyond what the vehicle's charging system can charge it to? As I understand it, most vehicles' stock alternator / charging systems can't completely charge an AGM...
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    ARB air chuck (or similar type) available separately?

    I'm looking for a spare air chuck specifically like the one that comes with an ARB hose kit. Like this: I haven't had luck finding one exactly like this design. I know there are other styles that would work but I would prefer this particular one. Anyone know a source for one of these?
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    Seeking advice on material choice for awning bracket spacer

    Hey, I'm hoping someone here has some suggestions for a small project I need to wrap up. We have an Xterra with a DIY roof rack consisting of low profile unistrut crossbars attached with vibration damping ubolts. It's great for attaching cargo boxes, gas cans, traction boards, etc. Recently...
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    Add waypoint to Gaia via from lat / lon coordinates?

    I recently bought the Gaia app for my iphone and so far it has been pretty useful. I am trying to figure out how to add some waypoints via on my desktop browser, rather than through the phone. I have a list of lat / lon coordinates in a guidebook, they are not in any digital...
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    2 Gallon Rotopax failure, leaking - UPDATE - received replacement

    I have a couple of 4GL Rotopax fuel cans, but sometimes you just want a couple extra gallons of fuel for peace of mind. I thought I had come up with a great solution to carry two gallons of fuel, a 2GL Rotopax fits perfectly in the cargo box on my Xterra. Unfortunately my 2GL can failed...
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    Rivnut options?

    Hey guys, when I tried to remove an aftermarket skid plate on my Xterra, one weld nut broke off and the other bolt snapped. I have recently learned about Rivnuts and just used a couple to replace these broken weld nuts. I drilled out the holes and installed two of them. Here's one after...
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    outback97's 2006 Xterra

    Hey all, I recently acquired a 2006 Xterra and am looking forward to using it for some camping and exploring adventures. My wife and I have had Subaru wagons for many years (still do) and wanted something with a bit more rough road ability. I also like the idea of being able to sleep inside...