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  1. mcgovski

    Pop Top Options

    Those look really nice, but they are even more than Sportsmobile. Doh!
  2. mcgovski

    Pop Top Options

    I have a 2016 Ford Transit 150, short wheelbase, medium roof with a quadvan 4x4 system in it. After 3 years of having a lot of fun out of it, I think its time for a pop top. I have obviously looked at Sportmobile, but I am curious if there are other options out there. Sadly, I havent found...
  3. mcgovski

    FS: 2000 4runner 4x4 TX - $8000

    Thanks. Sorry I missed that. Must have gotten lost in the list. It's a good looking rig. Looking for a DD for my wife and her only request is heated seats. haha. palm to face.
  4. mcgovski

    FS: 2000 4runner 4x4 TX - $8000

    do you happen to have more comprehensive photos inside and out?
  5. mcgovski

    Latest Photo?

    Havent been doing much to the cruiser. Got some 4x4 labs bumpers on it. Just been sorting out some of the gremlins.....haha wondering if I deserve this rig
  6. mcgovski

    My Meriwether

    Man! Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your kind words
  7. mcgovski

    My Meriwether

    ha! for sure!
  8. mcgovski

    My Meriwether

    very cool. I feel the same way. The mass produced bikes seem to offer less and charge more!
  9. mcgovski

    My Meriwether

    Man! Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your kind words
  10. mcgovski

    My Meriwether

    My Meriwether 1NS (one night stand) 29+ bike. I got to design this bike with Whit Johnson and it has been nothing short of awesome. Yes, I am a frame builder myself, but when the opportunity came to collaborate with the...
  11. mcgovski

    ExPo 80 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1991 HDJ81 turbo diesel , custom green 2. Name of owner/screen name: Chris McGovern / McGovski 3. How long have you owned your 80 series? Is this your first? purchased about 1 month ago. First cruiser 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage: 206,XXXkm 5...
  12. mcgovski

    Ford Transit 4x4 anyone?

    quad va I have a Transit 150 with dual range 4x4 Quad Van conversion. It rules
  13. mcgovski

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    I think I will pass, but thanks for the offer. I had a guy offer me $6k at the glass shop yesterday....
  14. mcgovski

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Found this one owner gem Pretty stoked. $600. So far I have had the engine rebuilt, new brakes, new belts, hoses, fluids, new gear box....feels brand new.
  15. mcgovski

    Anyone see XPCamper in person?

    The XP Camper is really cool. I am currently trying to sell my truck camper to get one. And yes, I have been in one. It didnt cost me anything, in fact, Marc gave me a beer while we chatted about our future trips.
  16. mcgovski

    Pop up Truck Camper Choices?

    XP Camper I think this is the future of pop top campers. Wish I did not have a hard side eagle cap
  17. mcgovski

    New Product for bikepacking

    very cool! any trips planned?
  18. mcgovski

    Overland Traveler's Website Links (permanent work in progress :)

    great idea you guys. nothing beats good, solid info like real folks on the road
  19. mcgovski

    Rode a 1200GS this weekend...

    "this is the reason that there are always multiple bikes in the garage (everyone should have at least 4)." I always thought the right amount of bikes in the garage was............One more!