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  1. Corgi_express

    Experience with Lucky 8 rock sliders?

    I want to add some rock rails to my new Defender, and it looks like Lucky 8's proud rhino sliders are going to first to market. They are also very expensive across their line compared to some other brands of rock rails, so I was hoping to see if any Land Rover owners had any positive or...
  2. Corgi_express

    Batwing tarp + hammocks

    I have been hammock camping for many years, and when there are not trees around, we have used other methods for suspending hammocks. The trick to building a light but strong hammock stand is to design it in such a way that the support members are under compression, rather than trying to flex...
  3. Corgi_express

    New Defender stock search in the US?

    I was on a waiting list for a long time, just trying to place the order for my custom Defender build, but my dealer was pretty janky and communication was terrible, so I got a refund on my deposit. Now that I am seeing some of them show up on dealer lots, I am considering just buying from stock...
  4. Corgi_express

    Thoughts on a hitch-mounted "roof tent" rack?

    I like the idea of roof top tents for the quick setup and staying out of the mud, but also like using my roof rack for things like kayaks (also not so keen on carrying my dog up a ladder...), so have thought about one of those little trailers that you put a rooftop tent on. However, today, I...