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  1. ratled

    Bronco Killer: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 470HP 392 CONFIRMED for 2021 Q1 sales.

    Article #1 Back in July, Jeep confirmed that the 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept was definitely a thing—but today we got our first video, and it confirms the news that the marque has been hinting at: We’re going to be getting a production Jeep Wrangler with a V8 engine, and it’s going...
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    V8-powered Jeep Wrangler crashes Ford Bronco's party

    Article here The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is equipped with a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 rated at 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. While billed as a concept, Jeep said it’s an indication that Wrangler fans who’ve been wanting a V8 model “may soon get their wish.”
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    It's cool to be lucky it's cooler to have a Jeep

    Sorry to tried to embed but didn't have a good link Cooler
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    And now for something a little differnt....

    I was captivated by this. His attention to detail is remarkable\
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    Anyone having issues with KO2's?

    I'm having an issue and it might be because of my KO2's. They only have 6,000 miles on them and the issue started when they only had about 3,000 miles on them. Before I state the issue I was wondering if there are any known issues with the KO2 or if some one has experienced an issue with...
  6. ratled

    Jeep JK Bash plate question

    I know this is silly but my son asked me what the hole on the bash plate was for. I didn't realize there was even a hole there. Can some one shed a little light on this pressing question. Thanks ratled
  7. ratled

    Anyone running with an ARB Adventure Light 600?

    Looking for a light to keep in the Jeep that can be recharged. Thinking about the ARB Adventure Light 600, does anyone have an experience with it? Any other lights I should consider? TIA ratled
  8. ratled

    JL J30/ Earthroamer types at SEMA

    Eddie at Way of Life did a video today at SEMA showing off Cliffride's J30 style prototype (MSRP around $8k) and an Earthroamer style (MSRP not mentioned). You can see them in the video about the 18:00 mark
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    Home tipped over by Hurricane Michael gets tipped back by pack of Jeep Wranglers

    Hey it's Jeep related... Jeep help storm victims
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    Anyone know what trailer this is?

    Saw this on a You Tube video from the 2017 Expo East. Grabbed a screen capture of it. Thanks in advance ratled
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    Analysis Paralysis

    More like sensory overload. I’m wanting to get the rake out of the Jeep and compensate for the weight of the dual battery kit, winch, and Hi Lift. I’m not looking for much of a height gain and am not looking to go up in tire size. I lifted the Jeep on the frame and 3" in the front gets me...
  12. ratled

    Anyone recognize this JKU tire carrier

    Saw this today and the driver didn't know who made it. There was no brand on it. Thanks for any leads ratled
  13. ratled

    2008 Jumping Jack tent trailer NV

    There was a thread recently about looking for them not too long ago. I could find it but saw this and thought I would pass it on. I hope it helps someone. ratled BTW , not mine, I know nothign of this unit or the person selling.
  14. ratled

    2018 Jeep Wrangler spotted on the side of the road

    Just passing it on ratled
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    100' Synthetic for $98! Free ship too

    OK, so it's Smittybily 9.5K replacement but normally $367 for $98! I got mine and thought I would pass it on for anyone else who would like one as a spare, add length or what ever. I'm not sure how long it is on sale. You need to add to cart to see the sale price. Includes free ship...
  16. ratled

    JKU hinge mount for Hi lift - who do we like? UPDATED

    Looking at hinge mounts for the Hi lift - or similar. I won't be changing out the bumper or adding a different tire carrier. Hood mounts are NOT on the radar. There are the cheap ones in the $50'ish range that have me leery. There are the $100'ish ones such as the Evo and the Terra Flex. -...
  17. ratled

    Interesting build series on You Tube

    I found this interesting and I thought I would pass it on. Here is the 1st video, you can find the other from there ratled
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    OK, what did I screw up on the new JKU? Motor noise UPDATE in #4

    I have been down and out the last few days with a good cold and the Mrs. said the Jeep started to make a weird noise. I got around to check it out. It sounds like the ARB air pump is running intermittent but since I haven't hooked up the harness yet it can't be it. It sounds like it is coming...
  19. ratled

    Holy cow Jeepman, I wound up with a new Hard Rock!

    I'm still not sure how it happened, I wasn't even wanting to get a new ride (really). I was looking at the new 2017 Hard Rocks on line and just for fun I thought I would build one - doesn't cost anything right. After, I clicked the check local inventory and there was one that had 13 of my 14...
  20. ratled

    A good tablet to build by nav system off of?

    Looking for a recommendation of a good tablet to build my nav system off of. While I would like to get a new Ipad but it just isn't in the cards. I was thinking of a yet to be named Android unit and say GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver. I am leaning towards using Hema but haven't ruled out...