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  1. DiploStrat

    GoCycle Review/observations

    Beloved Spouse and I have been fairly serious bike enthusiasts since the 1980's, touring in the US and Europe and I even did some very amateur racing. On our last trip to Canada we took our Cannondale MTB's along for fun as as toads. The bike riding was fun, but we did not have an external rack...
  2. DiploStrat

    General Grabber Tire Observations

    After a long and expensive series of misadventures, I finally have nice round wheels on my MB 917. To these I mounted a set of General Tire Grabber OA WB, size 385/65x22.5, load range L, and set off from the east coast Overland EXPO. The trip took us from Arizona, to California, Nevada...
  3. DiploStrat

    News You (may be able) to Use

    I was able to get fuel, oil, and air filters for my 1990 917 at my local Advance Auto parts store. They won't find the vehicle in their computer, but they can find the specific parts numbers. You cannot do this yourself on line, you have to be in the store. The prices were not great, being...
  4. DiploStrat

    How to Charge a Lead Acid Battery

    It is time for the 2018 update to my paper on battery charging. Of late, there has been much discussion of this subject. Some of the information has been contradictory. So, as this paper is due for an update, I would invite all to: -- Read it, and, -- Offer comments and questions, either as...
  5. DiploStrat

    SOLD (Sorry) - 2013 Malayan Tiger, 3500 Chevrolet Duramax

    Under 50,000 miles, excellent condition, Washington, DC, $175,000 A unique opportunity to own a unique vehicle. Extremely well equipped both as a motorhome and as a 4x4. This vehicle incorporates nearly everything that my wife and I have learned in forty years of overland travel in Africa and...
  6. DiploStrat

    Fans of B2B will like THIS!

    Seems Sterling Power USA have, in stock, not vaporware, a new 120A, Battery to Battery charger with voltage REDUCTION for lithium cells. While I suspect that the beast is physically...
  7. DiploStrat

    Building an RV Electrical System? Read These!

    There are many, many threads here seeking the Holy Grail, an effective electrical system for an overland camper. The right answer will vary a bit, depending on loads, autonomy, etc., but, at the present time, it all turns on one thing - charging a battery. We all want a battery big enough to...
  8. DiploStrat

    RAW Perverters

    Since the days when cameras first started making RAW files available to the user, there have been huge debates on this subject. Why would you use anything but the camera manufacturer's software? Why would you give up the power of a workflow tool like Aperture or Lightroom for differences that no...
  9. DiploStrat

    Dissimilar Batteries

    May be time for a new thread on the eternal question of charging auxiliary battery banks. The equation is rather simple if you have two batteries of the same size and the same construction (i.e., FLA, AGM, Gel) connected by a short cable of adequate size - slap a solenoid between them and be...
  10. DiploStrat

    Ultimate Critter Lens?

    Nice new toy from Canon. :drool: Pricey! Even the case is $700. :Wow1:
  11. DiploStrat

    Nik Suite on Sale

    Google just bought Nik (author of Capture NX and an amazing suite of products) and put the whole set on sale. When I downloaded mine I got the Aperture AND the Photoshop Elements software, all for the same price. Rumor has it that the code: DZISER gets you another 25% off. My son-in-law, the...
  12. DiploStrat

    Video Hosting

    Just got back a blast from the past - Super8 movies of North Cameroon, the Sahara, and South America. Now I have to learn enough video editing to do some clean up. But then, where do I host to share? Suggestions, please.
  13. DiploStrat

    2008 Ford F 350 Diesel

    Anyone got any real world experience? I hear lots of horror stories of: -- Poor mileage -- Blown radiators -- Serious engine failures Anyone own one and if so, would you buy it again?
  14. DiploStrat

    Moto for Afrique?

    Planning a motorcycle trip from Europe to Africa? Send PM for information on motorcycle available in France. Only one, careful owner. Only one long ride - from Central Africa to France. No breakdowns, many spares. (Never needed. :wings:) Serious enquiries only, please.
  15. DiploStrat

    Bangui - Alger

    If you can read colloquial French, you may enjoy this blog by a friend of mine. He just left Bangui by motorcycle, bound for Algiers. They haven't gone far and things are breaking ... c'est le vrai Afrique, quoi? :)
  16. DiploStrat

    Getting it up

    I am looking at suspension kits for Chevrolet 2500/3500 trucks. Anyone have real world experience with kits by Cognito Mortorsports, Tuff Country, Rough Country, Rancho, et al? I am NOT looking for urban bling, but rather increased wheel travel and ground clearance for the body/bumper - the...
  17. DiploStrat

    Battery Powered Air Pump - Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for portable battery powered air pumps, suitable for inflating truck tires. Ideally would like something heavier than the pumps that just plug into cigarette lighters, perhaps something that uses heavy alligator clips. Need something that can be packed for bush trips...
  18. DiploStrat

    A Contest and ...

    some great photos. The NYT wants your photos: But they bait the offer with a nice gallery. :)
  19. DiploStrat

    How bad was that road? Really?

    One of my (many) great frustrations as a photographer is my complete inability to capture the challenge of various roads and trails I have crossed. Most of my trail shots would reduce the Himalayas to molehills. (Hence no linked pictures.) A bit in the same school as the "Stuck!" thread...
  20. DiploStrat

    A Useful Number

    As a follow on to discussions of digital camera sensor size. I just noted that DPReview has started publishing a most interesting number - the number of megapixels per square centimetre of sensor. Basically: -- DSLR runs 1.5 to 5 MP per cm2. -- P&S are all over the place, but many are around...