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  1. haolepinoy

    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    Great stuff. Love the plodding pace. That's how I work too. And totally relate on the weather we've had here in the Mid-Atlantic. Very conducive to car projects. Not complaining at all if Winter wants to stay off somewhere else while we get stuff done.
  2. haolepinoy

    School Me on Rear Differentials - Gen 3 Montero

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm about to try to do this. If I'm wrong please don't roast me Mr. Toasty sir, or turn me into anything unnatural. If the Mitsu LSD was simply a torsen-style LSD you'd be exactly right, but the "HYBRID" system that Mitsu used (and still uses on the Challengers...
  3. haolepinoy

    Driven Over Land - Short Film

    I really enjoyed following along as you posted pics of the trip to your IG. My boys were stoked to see the Gen 3 Monteros in the video. They're so used to seeing Toyotas and Jeeps in all the videos we watch that I think it was a shock to see their beloved Mitsubishi out there making dust. Made...
  4. haolepinoy

    Jalopnik Montero Article - Andrew Collins

    Reminds me of this story, which is all of our stories in one way or another.
  5. haolepinoy

    Gen3 Montero for parts

    Still got it? I haven't been around in a while, but am interested. Check your pm's. I'm right down the road from you.
  6. haolepinoy

    2003+ Idle Relearn Procedure for 3.8L Montero

    The re-learn procedure is located on page 6-26 of the owner's manual under the heading "What to do if the engine speed becomes unstable after the battery is replaced." Everything idle-related on the 6G75 engine is logic-based, relying on sensor inputs and outputs to regulate engine rpm. It will...
  7. haolepinoy

    The War Rig build thread. '03 Montero Limited

    Man, I was really looking forward to the report of the trip you had planned out. Such a gut punch to have the engine seize up just a few miles into things after so much prep. What were you using for an air filter with the way your snorkel setup is built?
  8. haolepinoy

    Montero/Pajero owners on Instagram!

    @haolepinoy ...gotta a few pics on the IG thingy.
  9. haolepinoy

    Monty the 3rd Gen Montero

    I just noticed that your hitch tucks up much tighter than most I've seen, definitely higher than my Hidden Hitch. That U-Haul is a good one.
  10. haolepinoy

    2nd times a charm build thread

    I'm interested to know how you mounted your running board lights to the sliders (and curious as to why you put them underneath where they'll get smashed when the sliders are doing their thing). It looks like you just used zip ties, but did Rocky-Road supply any solution for mounting them with...
  11. haolepinoy

    Sierra Nevada Challenge 2018 *NOW with 20% more pictures!*

    Carnage indeed. But judging by the pictures I can see why people hazard it...beautiful spaces out there. Been looking forward to seeing you guys' pictures and videos, so thanks for sharing.
  12. haolepinoy

    Research Expedition Project & Documentary (Meteorite strike)

    Very fascinating. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.
  13. haolepinoy

    Fuel economy and odd auto tranny behavior gen 3 montero

    To get a good bead on your mpg woes you'll need to check your fuel trims. You may be running rich, in which case you can then start chasing gremlins in the MFI system. Healthy fuel trim numbers should give you 16-19 mpgs.
  14. haolepinoy

    The War Rig build thread. '03 Montero Limited

    If you come through Virginia on the TAT and need anything (even just a beer or two) give me a shout. My '03 would love the company.
  15. haolepinoy

    Monty the 3rd Gen Montero

    The red map light is a great idea!
  16. haolepinoy

    Byways not Highways: Gen 3 2004 Montero Limited Build

    Phil from JDM Journeys and PajEvo #581 fame recommends over at the ADD forum checking the fuel filler neck if you're getting a P0456 code. It looks like both Jason and AJM are in Pennsylvania, aka the rust belt, so it very well could be possible that you've got some corrosion-related pin holes...
  17. haolepinoy

    New 1998 Winter Package

    Totally agree with Slim here. I've got 4 as well, oldest being 7...the kids always come first. Thankfully mine love to both work on the Montero and adventure in it. It's a family fixture.
  18. haolepinoy

    2003 Mitsubishi Montero Possible Faulty Temperature Guage

    Here's a pic of the suspect resistor. Here's a video link for the fix:
  19. haolepinoy

    Byways not Highways: Gen 3 2004 Montero Limited Build

    Regarding O2 Sensors, here's the basics: The upstream (pre catalytic converter) sensor is supposed to oscillate constantly somewhere between 0.1v and 0.9v, with a reading of 0.45v indicating a perfect 14.7:1 air/fuel mixture. The constant oscillation is the PCM adjusting fuel trims to...
  20. haolepinoy

    Byways not Highways: Gen 3 2004 Montero Limited Build

    Jason, I did a little investigating on this connector for you. While at the junkyard looking over an '01 Limited I saw this connector, which plugs into all the evap. stuff that fills the space on the '01 -'02 3.5L Monteros. My '03 3.8L Limited does not have that connector in the loom. Looking at...