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  1. The_Goob

    How to: Re-center H1/humvee wheels, its not that hard

    So I bought h1's and mil 37s and decided to tackle re centering them myself, and recorded it for all 7 people out there considering doing the same. Enjoy! [
  2. The_Goob

    H1 wheel and tire removal the easy way

    So I'm selling the 24 bolt h1s and getting the 12 bolt DIY kit from TWF. So I had to get creative to get my tires off the 24 bolt wheels. Figured id share the process.
  3. The_Goob

    Make your own hood vents for free

    Awhile back I made my own hood vents due to high under hood temps, sometimes inducing vapor lock. And I was too cheap to buy a hood louvre. Recently I made this video showing how I did it. Keep in mind its an old 91 Jeep YJ that lives in a garage when not being used, water intrusion is a thing...
  4. The_Goob

    m101a1 Build for my YJ

    So I'm new here, recently I purchased a m101 trailer in decent shape. Currently I'm in the brainstorming, planning and parts acquisition stage. I'm also in the middle of swapping larger axles into my Jeep YJ which will be the primary vehicle pulling this trailer, Although I have a 2009 Silverado...