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  1. wvtradbow

    Differences in M416 Hubs

    I had no idea there was a difference in M416 hubs. A good friend gave me an M416 axle with wheels and rebuilt hubs (he decided on a custom axle) for my 416 build,first thing I noticed was the wheels were a little different and the used "regular" lug nuts as opposed to the flat base on mine. His...
  2. wvtradbow


    Bantam trailer Recently refinished, receiver style hitch but comes with ball hitch ,3 new tires and wheels,No title was gonna do a homebuilt title but our DMV is appointment only and appointments are months out. $1400 located about an hr south of Pittsburgh Pa, can meet within a reasonable...
  3. wvtradbow

    FS Roll Top 101

    I'm selling my "forever trailer" never thought I would BUT something else caught my eye.It's a 1968 M101a1 in great condition,recently remodeled with a new lippard axle,electric and manual brakes, a modified roll top,new battery for power,frame,POR 15, wheels are Toyota 6x5.5 modified swing open...
  4. wvtradbow

    FS Max Coupler Hitch

    For sale Used Max coupler Trailer and vehicle ends. Appears to have a little play where bolted to the reese end BUT I never used a max coupler and not sure how much play if any it should have. This came on a trailer I bought from a member here and it towed perfectly for 1200 miles. Only reason...
  5. wvtradbow

    Sherpa Outlander II mods ??

    I'm picking up a Sherpa outlander II next week from a member here and in doing some research I can't find too much info about them. I have a couple ideas of what i'd like to do,I was able to find a couple pictures on Pinterest an a couple here but I would really like to see more about them...
  6. wvtradbow

    Homebuilt trailer w/ roof top SOLD

    Homebuilt overland trailer complete with Camping Concepts roof top tent with vestibule(no longer made) $1700.Tent is like new with the exception of 2 little holes I patched that got pinched when closing ,tent is heavy canvas..Overall length is 10' long x 6'6" wide on 16" Toyota 6x5.5 rims. Body...
  7. wvtradbow

    Roll top 101a1

    This is my last build ,I believe I have everything I need in the trailer world for now,this would have been on my 416 from earlier in the yr but a buddy came up with this 68 101a1 in great shape an although I just did one a yr ago that was a rusted mess I went with this:
  8. wvtradbow

    Scammed on Ebay for a Tepui Autana tent

    Just a little message"if the price is too good to be true" then it probably is. I recently made a purchase on Ebay for a Tepui Autana Sky 3 -- Like new here's the kicker "buy it now" $949. shipped free...Now I know what you're thinking BUT I was thinking the guy was new to Ebay an Ebay generally...
  9. wvtradbow

    Parking brakes on a M101a1 -how to keep with axle swap?

    I'm trying to figure out how to keep the parking brakes when I swap out the axle on a m101a1,I know it has been done but can't seem to find any info on the cables used.I'm not sure whether to try to save the original cables or get something new.don't know what others are doing about this...
  10. wvtradbow

    Key removal Harbor Freight tongue Box

    Thought I'd post this little thing about key removal from these tongue boxes,saw one post about this an the guy says take the lock apart an you'll see what has to be removed,so I thought I'd post pics..The little piece that holds the key in, is the first little piece you see the screw...
  11. wvtradbow

    Help with angles

    I couldn't think of any where else to ask, an since there's some EXTREMELY talented builders here,I was hoping someone could enlighten me (although several yrs of schooling couldn't lol).. I'm trying to build a fixed rack with 1 1/4" square on my 101 an was wanting something different. I...
  12. wvtradbow

    Thoughts on POR 15 for trailer build?

    I built a couple trailers in the past an have used numerous finishes,rustoleum,base/coat clear coat, a couple different kind of bed liners.this little M416 I'm doing now,I bought three components,the degreaser,metal prep an rust preventive paint an because I guess they're not UV resistant I got...
  13. wvtradbow

    One more M416 build

    Just pick up a 1967 M416 an considering it came from the Pittsburgh area,it's pretty rust free...My goal with this, is a little sportsman type haul all . Didn't really know where to start with this since it's in such good shape,but I knew I wanted a tailgate and bumper so that's where I'm at now.
  14. wvtradbow

    Are there any Tonneu Covers that fit the M416 ?

    Thinking about my next project an it's going to be a Bantom or M416 an I was thinking that with the numerous truck bed sizes made now,that there may be a bed that is similar size to the 416 ? I did a M101a1 an found the bed is almost exactly the size of a 73-96 F150 w/8' bed so for $250 I was...
  15. wvtradbow

    Bed liner on the old Military trailer

    I just finished lining my 63 m101-A1 ,turned out Okay. I used Liner Xtreeme on the inside,I used this before on a truck bed and iy holds up really good,However it is "xtreemely" messy to use,i'll explain later.
  16. wvtradbow

    Another M101A1 axle question

    I'm redoing an old 63 M101A1 trailer an I'm not sure this is the original axle but I do know sometime in the last 50yrs someone has done some work on this.My question is are there replacement hubs available for an axle like this??
  17. wvtradbow

    FS 80s Four wheel pop up Grandby

    FS early to mid 80s FWC grandby model camper $900 located 60 miles south of Pittsburgh Pa in West Virginia,here's the build thread.. can email photos,Truck with camper is also for sale $3900 for at...
  18. wvtradbow

    Ideal Ground??

    I have the lights finally installed on my build an I'm ready for the wiring ...I'm looking for the "perfect" ground if there is such a thing..Every trailer I've ever wired,in about a year I've lost the ground either due to rust or loose connection...Where is the best place for the ground..I can...
  19. wvtradbow

    Awning brackets and weight of awning ??

    I just got a 2000 ARB awning and couldn't believe how heavy that thing is,my concern is the brackets,I was going to make brackets and just put it on 4' bar on my trailer.I'm used to those 8' bag awnings I have on another camper and they are very light compared to these...
  20. wvtradbow

    Another Trailer Build

    I always wanted a expedition trailer. I needed another project,so here goes..I found this trailer on Craigslist for $150 about 2 hrs from home and thought it might make a nice base,it is 6 1/2' long and 5' wide and made from 3" angle…In hindsight I should've probably started from scratch but I...