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  1. nick_n_ii

    2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo (WJ)

    So I've had a bad year for Jeeps. October 13th 2019 - My was was in a wreck that totaled out our JKR October 13th 2020 - The ZJ that we bought to build (bought Nov 2019) cracked the block in 3 places and broke the uni-rail at the fire wall inside Oh and ya this one still remains nameless.. But...
  2. nick_n_ii

    1997 Jeep ZJ Larado Project: Redemption

    So I figure I wanted to document my build someplace and why not share here. 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado 4.0L original 162,000 Miles 242 T-case Stock Jeep looked clean when bought but as always, once cladding was removed the rust showed. Than we hit a deer doing 55mph so I had to do a quick...
  3. nick_n_ii

    Tire shopping and questions..

    OK so, I'm looking for a narrower 32 or 33 that fits a 15" wheel. And noticed there are TONS of DOT approved UTV tires in this size. Would these work on a ZJ???
  4. nick_n_ii

    ZJ pics request

    Hey all, been years since my last post here. But I've been creeping and reading ALOT! Well I'm getting set to start into my 97' ZJ Overland build aka: Project Redemption I'm no stranger to Jeeps. (17 -XJs, 3-Zjs, 1-YJ, 1-JKU and 1-JK Rubicon totaled out 2 months back). I've built crawlers...