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    Budget M101A2 Build

    Looking for a quick answer on making/purchasing an adjustable rack for mounting a rooftop tent. I know there are a lot of you M101 builders out there, and a lot of posts to sift through on different options but I just bought my trailer last weekend and was hoping to drag it out on an elk hunt in...
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    WTB: AT Summit or Atlas, Vagabond Nomad or GFC for 5.5' bed F150

    In the market for a wedge or pop-up camper for a short box (5.5') F150. I live in MN but I'd be willing to drive a few hours for the right model and price. If a teardrop/squaredrop trailer is more your speed, I'd possibly be able to trade straight up. I have a 2 year old, gently used Escapade...
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    TMB Motorsports tent any good?

    Does anyone have any idea of the quality of the TMB Motorsports tents? Is this post a good deal? I live local to this guy and might check it out, but I hadn't heard of this brand until seeing this ad.
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    WTB: Hard Shell RTT

    Looking to buy a gently used hard shell rooftop tent somewhere in the upper Midwest. My budget is about $2000 but I could go a little higher for a good deal. But if you ask me to go much higher I might as well buy new. I had a smoking deal lined up off of craigslist here locally this last...
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    Questions for the Suburban/Yukon XL owners out there...

    This is a long-winded post for all those Suburban/Yukon XL owners out there. I’m just curious what advantages/disadvantages there are for a guy to consider between a 1500 versus a 2500, and a GMT800 versus a GMT900? I believe I’m in the market for a better family adventure vehicle and I think...
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    SOLD - M116A3 Trailer - $700

    *SOLD* Link to my craigslist ad. I'm putting my trailer up for sale that I just bought a few months ago. Turns out I don't have the time to build anything, so I'm going to be buying an already completed teardrop. Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Ask: $700...