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    Finally dipped a toe into GMRS

    I'm about to start installation of a Yaesu FTM-300D into my Overlanding vehicle of choice. My boss is going to get it programmed tomorrow since he has the cable for that purpose. I did get an GRMS license from the FCC so it's all very above-board. HAM is down the road a bit yet.
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    ************ Builds: 2007 WK CRD

    I was minding my own business on Peter’s Point, when I saw a YouTuber that I subscribe to on the beach shooting a traction board test. After some discussion, he asked if he can shoot a vid of my Jeep. Here it is, the camera work makes me look fat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Overwatch

    I picked up my trailer from Roth Industries in September. I’ve been adding my own touches every weekend since. On the drive home: First thing I did was pull the single Group 24 AGM battery and installed two Group 31 LiFePo4 batteries Then I added an ARB fridge and slide There was a bunch...
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    Land Cruisers on Top of the World trail?

    There were a group of Land Cruisers from MO on the ToW trail in Moab Saturday 8/4. Anyone from here in that group?
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    Adventures in lifting a WK CRD

    I bought my super-clean 2007 WK two years ago. Among the first mods I made, was add JBA upper A arms, 32" tires and a Rough Country spacer lift. I had to trim a bit of plastic, but everything was good and off-roady. A year later, it was time to get more expo, so a added an ARB bull bar, Warn...
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    2007 WK CRD #olaf

    This is my WK that I purchased 25 months ago. The current lift, bumpers, winch, and RTT were installed in the past 60 days. I figure I should take some pics since it will never be cleaner than right now. It’s first trip in present form will be Expo East. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RTT Mounting Challenge

    I’m trying to get an RTT mounted to the top of my WK. I have a very stout rack from Rocky Road Outfitters. While it has served me well over the past couple of years, it doesn’t seem to be the right rack for an RTT. At issue, is the cross rails which sit lower than the side rails. Any RTT would...
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    3rd Gen 4Runner Tech Question

    I'm not a mechanical person so pardon my possibly basic question, it's probably not even specific to Toyota. Although, I've become quite the expert at replacing passenger side CV axles (that's a separate mystery tho). I started driving my 4Runner (D.A.V.e) again a couple of days ago after it sat...
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    Spearfishing With Dillweeds

    Speaks for itself. <iframe src=" earChannel%2Fvideos%2F1188376457859564%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"...
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    Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Buy a WK CRD!

    There's a 2007 WK CRD for sale at a Ford dealer about 6 hrs from me. Not looking for a new vehicle, not sure how I happened upon the listing, but I can't unsee it now. I absolutely loved my KJ CRD which I drove all over this nation in all manor of terrain. I loved the torque, I loved the...
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    3rd Gen 4Runner HVAC issue

    I've googled this, but all the subjects that come up don't seem to cover my issue. Since I've owned this truck, I have a choice of maximum AC or maximum heat. I don't have the temp control dials, I have the old skool sliders for temp, airflow, and fan speed. The fan blows at each speed setting...
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    UBAD: Cedar Mesa 4/2015

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    Four Years with D.A.V.e

    Next month marks four years of ownership of my 1997 4Runner. I worked as a manager at a car dealership in SLC when we took this truck in on a new KIA for $1,800.00. I quickly bought it before it went to recon for that price and chanced that there was nothing major wrong with it. The front rotors...
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    Self Reliance Outfitters Trail Pro Cook Set

    I received mine yesterday and I will be trying it out Sunday. After reading/watching the reviews, I decided this is the perfect kit for me. I'm pretty level 3 about trying it out, the quality seems to be very good.
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    Jet Tent Bunker XL?

    I think that I want to get one of these for a trip I have coming up. Anyone have experience with these? I have questions: What do you do with your shoes? Any issues staying warm in the colder months?
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    UBAD: The Next 127 Hours

    A trailer from my trip to The Maze last week. Utah Bureau of Awesomeness Department.
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    Preemtive rebuild for a 3.4?

    I bought my 3rd Gen 4Runner almost 3 yrs ago for $1,800 when the dealership I was working at took it in trade on a new KIA. At the time, it had 197K miles, needed new rotors, new CV axles, the rear drive shaft rebuilt, timing belt and valve-cover gaskets. I spent $1k on these repairs and still...
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    Newfoundland Mountains Hi Def Video 2/13

    It was an awesome time and my friend Steve put together this most excellent video. Prepare for badassedness:
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    ARB Awning Install: 3rd Gen 4Runner w / Stock Roof Rack

    It was time to move my awning from my Jeep to my '97 4Runner but all I have is the stock roof rack. I bought some ARB brackets from Cruiser Outfitters and went about the business of figuring out how to mount them to the roof. The first thing I did was remove one of the thumb screws to determine...