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    Which light to mount for the sides and where?

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I saw some lights at Napa auto parts that were like tractor lights and they were only $26, so I think I will use those up on the roofline. They looked like they threw a lot of light but were cheap enough that if they get wrecked I won't really care. Here is...
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    Which light to mount for the sides and where?

    Fairly often I found myself looking for a place to camp after it gets dark so I want to mount a light facing out to the side and slightly forward. I have a F150 with a home-built wood camper that I live in full-time, all summer in the mountains, all winter in the desert. The lights need to be...
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    How big of a knife?

    National Forests are Federal land and Federal laws override state laws. For example, in the NF's in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, it is perfectly legal to carry a handgun on your hip. I know this because I am a campground host in the Sierra NF and I asked the Federal LEO and he confirmed...
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    generic dual battery and solar Q's after searching

    My System Solar power is much less difficult than it seems at first glance. Here is my system, most of which I bought from Solar Mike at Slab City and Northern Arizona Solar in Flagstaff: $440 Kyocera 135 watt panel $250 Kyocera 55 watt panel $109 BZ 250 mppt controller $240 2 Trojan T105...
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    What Brand Camera Do You Use?

    One thing I have to have in a DSLR is in-body stabilization. Having had it, I will never be without it. That leaves only sony and pentax as viable choices to my mind. I think the future is much brighter for Sony so Sony is my choice, but acknowledge that Pentax is making some great cameras and...
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    Best GPS for around $400

    If you are interested in something for your laptop, Delorme Topo is a very good topographic map software that now includes all the info from their Street Atlas program. Street Atlas is an excellant program and works extremely well with an optional gps. I don't know if Topo will work with the gps...
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    Big Bend National Park 2/28-3/2 2008

    What kind of spring break will you be on? I understand that spring break is one of the busier times in the park and a good time to avoid it. I am somewhat flexible in times but plan to be there around March 7-12. So I would be very interested in which spring break you mean. I am planning on...
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    SPOT Handheld Satellite Messenger

    I've been planning to get one of these but I have a question first. Satellite requires a good view of the sky. For example my sirius radio has lost contact driving the Blue Ridge Prkwy because of the heavy trees overhead and my Garmin eTrex has failed to log on because I was in a canyon. My...
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    Tire recomendations

    I am running ProComm Extreme AT's and have been very pleased with them so far. They are about half way between the BFG AT and Mud. Much more aggressive than AT but not as aggressive as Mud. Very good road manners. Haven't really had them off-road yet but I am hopeful.
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    Big Bend National Park 2/28-3/2 2008

    I would love to meet but I will be there about March 7-17 (no firm times but around then).
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    Coleman thermoelectric cooler?

    One trick I use on my cooler is to put a bucket in the middle of the cooler, and the ice goes in the bucket only. This has several advantages: First, my food stays dry, all the ice water is in the bucket. Second, the cold ice and ice water never come into contact with the cooler walls. This...
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    Sleeping Systems

    I am struggling to picture what you are trying to do. Do you have a link to camper you are using as a model? My first thought is that you are going to need a very strong roof to bear the weight of you, the bed, and the pulley system. Will the bed be for one person? Have you considered a...
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    Coleman thermoelectric cooler?

    Thanks for the idea. I don't think I would ever actually try it. I can't afford an Engle but I would like to lower my ice costs and the ice in a thermoelectric was just a passing thought. Thanks again, Bob
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    How do I shoot Slot Canyons?

    The easiest way is to manipulate it with software. With the camera firmly on a tripod, take a series of shots exposing for the darkest areas through the lightest areas. Three shots is the minimum and five is better. In software you merge the five shots into one. Photoshop CS3 is very adept at...
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    Coleman thermoelectric cooler?

    I have considered using one of these with ice in them. I would have them turned on when the rig was running and turned off when it wasn't. The idea would be to extend the life of the ice. The problem is that their insulation looks very thin. For it to work I would have to be able to add extra...
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    Seafoam Engine...

    This is a wellreasoned and thoughtful post, thank you! But I think I disagree. My F150 was running rough and mpg and power seemed worse, so I talked to a mechanic friend about it and he asked what kind of gas I bought. I told him I bought whatever was cheapest. He said that was the problem. He...
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    Training a dog

    We had a Chesapeak retriever that was so smart it was scarry. His water instincts were so strong that retrieving from the water was was the greatest joy in life. If he lost sight of the stick, we could say "left", and he would search to his left or we could say "right" and he would look to his...
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    New guy with a van.

    I lived in a converted box van for 6 years and love living in vans. I have a website decicated to converting and living in vans and other vehicles, here is one van coversion from there: I also very highly reommend a yahoo group called vandwellers. It...
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    lifts......for the topper!!!!

    Absolutley! It costs virtually nothing but adds greatly to comfort. I have camped a lot in a cab-high shell and I really hated it. Now I live in a homebuilt camper that I can almost stand upright in. I do have to stoop slightly, but it's no problem. On the home page of my website, on the...
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    lifts......for the topper!!!!

    Actually, I have wondered why more people don't do this. I have a story on my website about a guy who did just what you are asking about, he put a spacer between the truck bed and the shell so he had more head room; He doesn't give many details...