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  1. mountainpete

    Dealer markup on a new V-Strom?

    Hi all, I've never purchased a bike new but am considering one later this spring. Currently looking at the Suzuki V-Strom 650. For those with more experience, what type of markup is there on a new bike? For example, if MSRP is $10k, what's considered a good deal for a cash sale? How much...
  2. mountainpete

    Opinion on the Hobie Mirage iS9 inflatable?

    Hi, Looking for opinions on the Hobie Mirage iS9 inflatable boat. Anyone have experience with it as a fly fishing boat? I'm looking to sell both my Mad River Canoe and my fly fishing pontoon boat and replacing it with an inflatable kayak with some sort of foot propelled drive. Why...
  3. mountainpete

    1993 Defender 110 Diesel in Canada (Kijii ad)

    No affiliation... but if I was in the market :drool: $48,000.00
  4. mountainpete

    Scepter water can pump?

    Hi, Who here has added a pump spout to a Scepter water can? Trying to save some time before I start searching for a manual pump that can be made to fit. Extra credit for pics :elkgrin: Pete
  5. mountainpete

    Replacing a rear bike shock

    Hi gang, Can someone school me on rear bike shock replacement? I have an old (1999 I think) Rock Mountain Instinct with a Fox Vanilla Float rear shock. The shock still works but seems to lose air, albeit slowly. It's 12 years old and it's time to update it. What are my options to replace the...
  6. mountainpete

    OME remote res rear shocks on 01-04 Tacoma?

    Hi, Does anyone know if Old Man Emu makes a set of remote reservoir rear shocks for the 01-04 Tacomas? If so, anyone try them out? My Donahoe/Icons have blown and although I have had many years of good use I am looking at other options. Thoughts? Pete
  7. mountainpete

    1990 Defender 110 in Vancouver

    No affiliation. Very pricey, but it sure is pretty. Left hand drive too. $69,900 CAD. Vancouver Craigslist ad
  8. mountainpete

    Canon G11 announced

    Different then I expected: - Less MP, but "high sensitivity" - No HD video - No geotagging Looking forward to seeing what the image quality is like. Pete
  9. mountainpete

    Tacoma alternator output

    Hi, Anyone remember what the average above idle (with load) output is for a 01-04 Tacoma alternator? From memory it should be a consistent 14+ volts under load with no extra accessories turned on. Unfortunately my ScanGauge is showing lower output lately: 13.5 - 13.9. Rarely going over 14...
  10. mountainpete

    What type of bug is this?

    Kind of hard to tell... I think the bullbar won :elkgrin:
  11. mountainpete

    Shoe bag for Eezi-Awn?

    Hi, For the times I don't attach the side walls and floor to my Eezi-awn t-top, I really could use a shoe bag. I love the solution Technitop has: Before I either get one made locally or try to order something, does anyone have other solutions? Does Eezi-awn have a solution I just don't...
  12. mountainpete

    Leaping trout

    This was taken just before dusk on a little stream on the Gemany/Austria border near Reute. My wife and I stopped to walk around and I noticed a hatch in progress. The trout were selectively taking what was looked like large mayflies off the surface so when I spotted one I tracked it as it...
  13. mountainpete

    New suction cup mounts from PMA

    Noticed this new product in the PMA roundup. This could be really cool for a little video camera on the roof or side of a truck! Full article
  14. mountainpete

    Nikon pricing going up again?

    Hi, This might effect the US too... I am hearing from three local dealers in Calgary that price increases close to 20% are expected on Nikon prices in the next few days. That's on top of the 10% increase that happened earlier this year. The news is moving up my plans. I'm going to bite...
  15. mountainpete

    Mac users = toslink adapters

    I've been doing this for a while, but none of the Mac users I know had ever heard of this feature... So here it comes ExPo Mac heads! Did you know that the headphone jack on a Macbook Pro (and possibly others - just check the specs) can do an optical digital out? It can. That means with the...
  16. mountainpete

    Cool GPS data logger

    I got an email from this company (spam really) so I can't vouch for them, but the product grabbed my attention. Trackstick GPS data logger They are basically track loggers, but appeal to me for a few reasons: Size - it's not much bigger then a pack of gum. Weather resistant - no Mil...
  17. mountainpete

    School me: 200 vs 300 tdi

    For those who have owned both, which do you prefer? Which makes a better expedition platform? Which is more reliable? They have almost identical HP, but I believe the 300 had considerably more torque. Different belts, 300 is smoother, 200 and early 300 have no electronics, 300 has a better...
  18. mountainpete

    New BMW West Coast training center

    New BMW training love for the left side of North America :)
  19. mountainpete

    ARB Portable Ground Anchor

    Damn. Now I have to spend more money. Ground Anchor at Sierra Expeditions Who do you think will be first to test it? :smiley_drive: Pete
  20. mountainpete

    Rack - ever tried this?

    Hi, Wondering, has anyone ever done something like this rack on a Toyota? Notice how it is tied into the bed and attached to the cab. I've always consider this a no-no as there is too much bed flex compared to the cab and the rack would snap or bend things in ways it shouldn't. Thoughts? Pete