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  1. leman

    Another Lighting Post (fog lights)

    Replacing the fog lights on my new to me dodge 2500. Going with the mount from Baja Designs and their lights but trying to decide what combo I want to go with. I currently have a pair of yellow combo and clear combo lights from my last rig, but would really like to run their new SAE lights so im...
  2. leman

    Kifaru Woobie vs Rumpl Down

    Wanting to pick up a nice packable blanket. Pretty much narrowed it down to these 2. I sleep warmer than the average person so worried about the woobie being too warm in the spring/fall. Anyone used both?
  3. leman

    Weatherproof fridge

    Are ARB, Dometic, and the like weatherproof enough to keep in the bed of a truck? I do not have a canopy or cover, but do have a rack with a RTT on it. I know I will sacrifice some efficiency but I would prefer not to sacrifice interior space.
  4. leman

    RTT power 12v/USB etc. what have you done?

    Where did you get the project box?
  5. leman

    food storage

    What do yall use for food storage? I normal just throw the big stuff in a milk crate and call it good, but after an ordeal with some oreos and ants I am looking for something a little more secure. Should I just go with an action packer and I am just over thinking things?
  6. leman

    Bed Bars vs Bed Rack

    Those of you running a RTT on a truck do you prefer the lower more streamlined RTT on bed bars or the added cargo space and being able to stand under the RTT using a bed rack. In both cases I am looking at CBI for my tacoma.
  7. leman

    Is the Tacoma enough truck?

    Well this kind of changes things
  8. leman

    Is the Tacoma enough truck?

    Wow this post turned into a crap storm haha. I think I've almost decided to keep the Tacoma for now. Focus more on taking back roads and try to enjoy the trip more than just the destination. Still have access to a truck big enough for the tractor. Is it ideal? Not really, but at this point I'm...
  9. leman

    Is the Tacoma enough truck?

    It's a 70hp JD that has to have the gooseneck deck over to fit. All generations of power wagons have always been my dream trucks. But have never found a newer one for a reasonable price that hasn't been tortured.
  10. leman

    Is the Tacoma enough truck?

    If I'm going to a bigger truck I want a big enough truck that I don't have to borrow my uncles truck to haul the tractor to the hunting property. But I love my smaller truck for getting around the property. I'm able to ease through areas that the heavier trucks usually sink up in unless they...
  11. leman

    Is the Tacoma enough truck?

    I've read a couple of the Tacoma vs Full Size threads but couldn't find anything with the 3rd gen tacos. My current truck is a pretty stock '16 TRDOR. I love the agility on the smaller trails and forest roads that I am normally on to go camping and getting around the facility at work. Also love...
  12. leman

    ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent

    PM sent.
  13. leman

    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    Rigid dually floods as fog lights Rigid 10" E series spot above the fair lead Sidetracked off-road tracker 70watt lights on the a pillars Sidetracked off-road 50" single row combo bar I may have gone a little overboard
  14. leman

    first jeep: the beginning of a JK build

    Well I havent been doing a very good job of keeping this updated. Some recent things I've done are: OR-FAB sport cage Rigid dually floods got new tires MTR-K RockKrawler front springs and the big one!!!!! front Prorock 44 with RCVs and detroit locked
  15. leman

    a few knives

  16. leman

    a few knives

    A few knives I'm wanting to sell. All are located in Jacksonville, al but I am willing to ship them to you on your dime. and of course all prices are negotiable, and if you buy more than one the price can be worked out. Spyderco Remote Release $65 Vintage Shrade Old Timer $20 Case XX Hammerhead...
  17. leman

    need some help

  18. leman

    first jeep: the beginning of a JK build

    thanks. only the rubicon comes with lockers. i think some 07 models came withs limited slips though?
  19. leman

    first jeep: the beginning of a JK build

    yea, i worked the trigger a good bit. straight out of the box was crap. but all my pins were the right size
  20. leman

    first jeep: the beginning of a JK build

    thanks and its a frankenrifle. cmmg upper, E.A. lower, DPMS lpk thats been modified.