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  1. rxinhed

    1991 montero 4m40 swapped offroad/overland build

    Oso...have you viewed this?
  2. rxinhed

    Back to Mitsu with an 83 Mighty Max

    Way of the world, GLWS
  3. rxinhed

    Gen 1 A/C

    Same, unless you have rear air...uncommon in USDM
  4. rxinhed

    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Host pics at, free for now.
  5. rxinhed

    WTB - Mitsubishi SR Front and Rear (locking) Differential

    All bolt in arrangement. Get the air pump and harnesses under the rear seat, harness and switch from the console. Several write-ups available. I know of threads on, and there may be some on the Mitsubishi page here. Bonus for you!
  6. rxinhed

    Emblem Assist

  7. rxinhed

    WTB - Mitsubishi SR Front and Rear (locking) Differential

    Do you have the 3.0 (6G72) or 3.5 (6G74) engine? The two dictate the rear differential size, either 9.0 inch or 9.5 inch ring gear. The standard LS gear ratio should be 4.272 (ish)? The SR parts will not be vastly different at 4.636. In both cases, your Montero will already accommodate 33 inch...
  8. rxinhed

    Unknown Manufacturer Gen 1 Montero Swaybar

    I have a super huge diameter front sway bar, possibly Hellwig, for a Gen 1 Montero and has poly bushings. This may best be suited for a pavement situation. $100 plus shipping, or trade for something useful to me. Part located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
  9. rxinhed

    Wheel Question

    Toyota wheels fit Montero, generally. Newer then 1989 rims have lots of negative offset, Monteros like positive offset.
  10. rxinhed

    GEN1 Radio

    Outside US model could be had with a powered subwoofer, if that radio has RCA outputs. Also, the Exceed and Super Exceed models could be had with a center console mounted TV, and the radio would have inputs.
  11. rxinhed

    Montero may be totaled. What now?

    Ray, aka Off Roader, may have a Gen 3 for sale. I'm encouraging him on many places to make room for the Gen 1 stored at my place.
  12. rxinhed

    Glad to see Expo is still thriving

    Of late, work and family have kept me from Mitsubishi stuff, even that within my yard. I'm cutting up and disposing of excess things if anyone wants to visit Montero Ranch for the last bits. My side hustle has been done for some time with exceptions of a few favors. The last favors to me will...
  13. rxinhed

    Rims and Tires for Montero / Max Crowd

    Set of four Helo 750 rims with Firestone Destination MT tires. Rims are 16x10 and the centers milled to clear the Mitsubishi 4wd front hub. Tires are 315/75-16, or about 35" diameter. Nice fitment on the Gen 2 Max and Gen 1 Montero. Some may recognize Pearl and Scar, today's models. For the Max...
  14. rxinhed

    Toasty's Garage

    I did not read any BS amongst all the tech here, Toasty
  15. rxinhed

    Trying to upgrade Gen1 wheels...

    34x11.5 Swampers fit on stock rims with no lift
  16. rxinhed

    Got a Gen 1 LWB, what now?

    I still play tapes I recorded in the early 80s. The most time durable tapes have been the TDK D-series. First six tapes I recorded include BÖC and Eagles. All the factory label tapes usually get tossed when they act up.
  17. rxinhed

    Got a Gen 1 LWB, what now?

    Some of those jams are not 80s! However, any mixture that contains Primus and Jimi is good with me.
  18. rxinhed

    BFG 33x12.5 VS 33x10.5 with stock rims

    On Gen 2 rims, you're only at 7 inches wide. Some tire shops would not mount the 12.5s on a rim deemed too narrow by tire manufacturers.
  19. rxinhed

    Not a Noob, but seek information on Sunrader trailers

    I am seeking information about the depicted Sunrader Trailer. I have an ag-trailer frame that I'm building to haul behind my Mighty Max. The ag-trailer is similar in layout to a Bantum M100, but was used for a water pump or air compressor, and is now equipped with 38" Toyos. From the pictures...
  20. rxinhed

    Got a Gen 1 LWB, what now?