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  1. mcgovski

    Pop Top Options

    I have a 2016 Ford Transit 150, short wheelbase, medium roof with a quadvan 4x4 system in it. After 3 years of having a lot of fun out of it, I think its time for a pop top. I have obviously looked at Sportmobile, but I am curious if there are other options out there. Sadly, I havent found...
  2. mcgovski

    My Meriwether

    My Meriwether 1NS (one night stand) 29+ bike. I got to design this bike with Whit Johnson and it has been nothing short of awesome. Yes, I am a frame builder myself, but when the opportunity came to collaborate with the...
  3. mcgovski

    Tools, Spares and Tricks

    I seem to learn something new every time I go for a ride...So I thought I would start a thread to share what we carry for tools, spares and trick fixes out on the trail. For example, I learned that I small pair of needle nose vise grips can be used as a shift lever. THANK GOODNESS! My tool...
  4. mcgovski


    I saw a Diesel Mistubishi Delica 4x4 van with pop top with Arizona plates last week in Auburn, California. ok, whose is it and how do I get one???!!!!! really really cool. I have 2 pics on my phone, if I can figure out how to get them off the phone I will post. Chris
  5. mcgovski

    Honda EU2000 Geni

    I have a Honda EU 2000 Generator...its a great little unit. Problem is, I left fuel in it over the last 6 months without starting it and now it wont start. My bad. I was thinking I could put some fuel stabilizer in it and see if that would work...any other suggestions? thanks Chris if this...
  6. mcgovski

    DRZ400 expedition build for OVERLAND EXPO trip

    this thread will (hopefully) document the transformation of my wifes DRZ 400 moto from a tried and trued DS bike, to something capable of traveling off the beaten path for long riding with me and my bud Sam to the Overland Expo in April!!!! what needs to be addressed? stock...
  7. mcgovski

    Suspension question

    I have a 2006 dodge 3500 ctd I added a warn 15000lbs winch and an ARB bumper...this caused a bit(alot) of squat on the front end. After talking with ARB about a good solution I got some custom coils built for me. the new coils are 1.5" taller than stock and they added 800lbs to the spring...
  8. mcgovski

    86 4runner question

    Hey Toyota folks. I have been looking for an 85-86 4runner or 60 for quite awhile, leaning towards the 60. But recently I started to like the idea of the 4runner. So i have been searching high and low, I dont really know what I am looking for outside of the realm common sense and a manual...
  9. mcgovski

    lost world expedition

    I was lucky enough to have lunch and a few beers with Luke and Lacy yesterday as they head out on their "shake down loop" of their expedition. . It was really nice to meet them both. Good people. Luke at 4x4 labs was putting the final touch on their...
  10. mcgovski

    Me and My PN-40

    I wish I was posting a report of how much I love my PN-40...but to tell you truth I am having a heck of a time just figuring this thing out. to be honest the thing is making me feel like and idiot!!!!! for me it has not been a plug and play unit!
  11. mcgovski

    Moab trip help

    My wife and I are headed to Moab at the end of April, beginning of May for 5 days. Our intention is to ride the mountain bikes as much as possible everyday. We are driving out from Nevada City, CA...1 day strait shot, and plan to camp in our truck camper. I am looking for information on what...
  12. mcgovski

    pn-40 mounting question

    I am looking for a way to mount an earthmate pn-40 gps unit to my mountain bike and my motorcycle...anyone using this gps and do you have any tips or products for mounting? thanks
  13. mcgovski

    winch question

    I have a winch question, and yes I have read the current issue of OJ. Great review by the way. My question comes after being stuck in the snow and reading the great review on winches... Is there a rating or a weight variable I should be looking for on the winches for a 1 ton truck with a cab...
  14. mcgovski


    I just heard on the radio that Fiat is or already has purchased The Chrysler Motor Corp....??? I thought GM once owned a controlling interest in Fiat??? well, maybe Fiat makes some nice small diesel engines that are 50 state compliant!
  15. mcgovski


    Can anyone suggest a good tripod to hold a canon rebel xti body w/ various lenses? I would like the tripod to be light and stable. I would also like to be able to collapse it down to pack in or on a camelback mule or howg. I snap most of my pics from my mountain bike or skis...but dang, i...
  16. mcgovski

    6volt batteries in series

    I am about to upgrade my 12volt Battery system in my camper (no its not a fancy custom camper, just a normal cab over), I have got my choices narrowed down to using: 2 x Interstate 2200 6 volt or 2 x Deka AGM 6 volt By going in series I will increase my amp hours from 84(current) to 225, that...
  17. mcgovski


    I saw this: its a 1966 fj45. It s not mine and I dont know the people. I just saw it while I was doing my craigslist combing! its in the Seattle area.
  18. mcgovski


    Sorry for the play on word, but I could not resist. What Would Jeep Do??? I am very excited about this Mopar diesel swap kit I have been reading about. I have been looking to do this type of swap for awhile...I always thought it would be on an FJ60 land Cruiser with the 4BT but this news has...
  19. mcgovski

    hardside pop up!

    I dont know if anyone has heard of this company or seen the Marc out on the trail in Northern Calidornia, but his creation is quite exciting. i think it is the website...the first model is due to be complete in march. Marc just send me some PDF's of the layout of his hardside...
  20. mcgovski

    auto or man

    I have been studying this thread closely as I want to build an overland vehicle. I am currently doing all my travel in an '06 3500 dodge diesel, 6spd man tran, crew cab and long bed with an 8.5' truck camper with 19.5" steel wheels w G rated this new vehicle will be a different...