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  1. haolepinoy

    Rear Camber and Toe Adjustment Bolt Part #s

    Does anyone know the part #s for the rear camber adjustment bolts and the rear toe adjustment bolts on the Gen 3 Montero? I've been searching the parts warehouse catalogues and google but cannot find it.
  2. haolepinoy

    Mitsu's at Expo East

    Any Mitsu people planning to attend the Overland Expo East in North Carolina at the end of the month? I know Snare (Charly) will be there least if hurricanes stop hitting the U.S., and I'll be there with the wife and kids. It'd be nice to meet a few east coast folks.
  3. haolepinoy

    Kid Rich and Tire Poor (but you can help!)

    Man, four kids can really "go through" some tires...if only there was somebody out there willing to help these poor tireless children. All it takes is a vote in the Cooper Discoverer writing contest (you don't even need to give up a cup of coffee) to make sure that these kids and their Montero...
  4. haolepinoy

    Blue Ridge Rescue Mission Report

    The Rescue Mission The kidnappers’ trail was easy to pick up the following morning, drawing our party north into the Big Levels Wildlife Management Area off the Coal Road. Trash was everywhere, and my oldest discovered a few clear signs of struggle. We were hot on their tails, and they knew it...
  5. haolepinoy

    Blue Ridge Mountains Trip Report

    Spent 5 days exploring and camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with my family of 6 (4 kids 5 and under) and the '03 Montero back in April. Had a great time despite rainy/foggy/thunderstormy weather. Did out first trail together (Bald Mountain Jeep Trail), and the Montero made it...
  6. haolepinoy

    COOPER DISCOVERER: Middle-earth by Montero...with Four Kids

    Middle-earth by Montero...with Four Kids The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia April 26-30, 2016 Are they too young? Are they too many? Kids are a difficult variable in the "adventuring by vehicle" equation. Typically you throw two adults in a four-wheel drive with a paper map and a free weekend...
  7. haolepinoy

    2003+ Idle Relearn Procedure for 3.8L Montero

    Does anybody have or know where I can find the correct idle relearn procedure for a 2003+ 3.8L Montero? I've been looking through my Factory Service Manual and can't find it mentioned. I've found a few TSBs online but they are for overseas models (GDI and Diesel variants)...and they're all...
  8. haolepinoy

    A story about slaying electrical gremlins.

    So, I've got a 2003 Montero Limited. She's great, but as with most she's got a few problems. This is a tale about one of them, and like all good mysteries it actually begins on a dark, stormy night... A little background on this poor girl's previous life...basically it sucked. Corporate lease...
  9. haolepinoy

    How is the idle controlled on a 2003+ (3.8L) Gen3 Monty?

    What controls the idle speed on a 2003+ (3.8L) Gen3 Monty? Could someone explain to me how it works? I've had an idle that sits at or slightly below 500 rpm when I'm in Drive sitting at a stop. Seems low to me, like maybe there's a gunked up component in there that needs to be cleaned (I just...
  10. haolepinoy

    Anybody looking for a '96 SR for parts?

    Hi guys. Just FYI for anyone in Virginia (or further) looking for spare parts, I found a '96 Montero SR with the rear locker in a junkyard near my house while putz'in around today. Rig is in good shape, 142K on the odo. No body damage and mostly complete. Not sure why it's in the yard...maybe...
  11. haolepinoy

    The Mitsubishi Sleep Machine

    We thought we'd share this little clip from a recent trip. Kids and Monteros mix well.
  12. haolepinoy

    Opinions On Running a Hood Shield/Bug Deflector

    When I was looking for a Gen. 3 Montero I noticed a few that had hood shields installed, some of which appeared to be OEM (they had "Montero" printed on the driver-side). Considering how upright the windshield is on these vehicles, and how my hood already has a few rock chips, I am flirting with...
  13. haolepinoy

    What goes here...?

    I've been poking around under the hood, getting familiar with things and I came across this large piece of empty real estate behind the air filter box: Am I missing something important? What's supposed to be here? Dual battery box? Turbocharger? A box of shop rags to clean up all the oil...
  14. haolepinoy

    Same Part, Different Part #s ???

    I'm in the process of ordering a Freewheel Clutch Solenoid for my '03 Montero, but am curious about something. I know that the part I need is MR430381, but does Mitsubishi sell this one part under different part #s, specifically MR430381, MB937731, MB620532, & K5T47776? The cheaper knockoff...
  15. haolepinoy

    AT Tire Recommendations

    Hello everybody, I just purchased an unloved '03 Montero Limited in need of some TLC, and one of the first items to address is the terrible off-brand howler monkey tires. They moan like banshees and are worn terribly uneven all around. Just looking for some of your recommendations for a...