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  1. sgt rock

    walker evans beadlock rims

    i dropped the priced down 250.00 per rim-- there are 5 total 5 beadlock rims by walker evans Currently on a 2007 jk Jeep rubicon Well maintained and no extreme scratches 5x5 bolt pAttern 17x8.5 4 inch offset. Must buy all five will not separate 250 per rim firm but can negotiate the price a...
  2. sgt rock

    fly for tent

    one of our thrift stores has this going up for a live auction tonight.... i should have checked the make and model as its missing the fly- anyhoots seeing if any of you might happen to know the maker of this tent so i can see if they sell flys - worst case scenario is just drop a tarp over it....
  3. sgt rock

    1984 Starcraft Starflyer 19' Pop-Up Tent Trailer 1984 Starcraft Starflyer 19' Pop-Up Tent Trailer- i believe this lot is the first and ends at 7pm wednesday... i saw it roll into the lot last week but did not get a chance to see the condition....
  4. sgt rock

    delta box 810000

    this pic is from ebay but the box i have is pretty much new and has never been used - its a delta 810000 (google will get you more info) -trying to sell locally (phoenix) - the only thing i can not find are the 2 anchors.... has 2 keys - 50.00 please do not say hold unless you are going to buy...
  5. sgt rock

    swiss military box

    25.00 i am first going to sell this locally (phoenix) for pick up this is a swiss military box that i used for books- use to have in my pinz- please note the pinzguer metal plate does not come with the box
  6. sgt rock

    complete set of desert magazine on dvd 10.00 bucks

    one of the best mags that ran from 1937 to 1985 was desert magazine.... you can own every issue on 3 dvd's in pdf form. 10.00 via paypal azbootcamp AT yahoo DOT com
  7. sgt rock

    3 ozark trail fans

    i have 3 ozark trail fans for sale\\ pic on left bottom and top model 10 inch fan(s) canopy tent fan\ 2 speed\ runs on 8 d batterys has standard house and car plug i tested all cables and both speeds - did not test battery box 15.00 each - will need to get weigh for shipping pic top right...
  8. sgt rock

    military trailer on police auction 2-18-12 ring 3
  9. sgt rock

    1967 jeep M-725 ambulance Year: 1967 Make: Jeep Model: M-725 Mileage: 11664 VIN: 10567 Running Condition: Fair Engine: Strait 6 Cylinder Transmission: Manual Tires: Fair
  10. sgt rock

    1990 Wilderness Travel Trailer

    Lot No. 2162 ____________ 1990 Wilderness Travel Trailer HAS TITLE Arizona Department Of Administration (ADOA) Auction Date -- Saturday January 28, 2012 at 8:30am (MST) Item Inspection -- Tuesday January 24, 2012 - Thursday...
  11. sgt rock

    05' TJ Jeep Wrangler

    05' TJ Jeep Wrangler 69,725 miles, Flame Red High Lift Jack 4 KC highlites Motorcraft Baja RS Seats *** i do have seat covers on as the seats have a split on the side- easy fix from a repair shop. 2 Rail Doors Rear Seat Body Armor Jeep TJ 59" Front Bumper with Center and Outer...
  12. sgt rock

    wheelers for warriors event dec 3 2011 phoenix AZ

    this is going to be a great event to help a soldier with a jeep build. COP 4x4 aka camp crocker who i have known for many years had done a lot to help the off-world community.... this time to re-build a jeep and on the 3rd will present spc brewer his jeep back. much of the kudo's should also go...
  13. sgt rock

    2005 TJ Sport Jeep Flame Red

    I have a JK Jeep and at this point of my life only need one jeep- 05' TJ Jeep Wrangler 69,725 miles, Flame Red Body Armor Jeep TJ 59" Front Bumper with Center and Outer Guard. Body Armor #TJ-19331 - have a plate for winch. Garvin Top Rack- Rear Basket- 2 Can Holder- Swing Away- Bumber...
  14. sgt rock

    Senator Road & Crown king Crown King via Senator Road on a easy forest road make for a a long day. It was my wife's first time behind the wheel so we needed something easy-- FAIL as it was a 6.5 hour drive for a first timer- she enjoyed!
  15. sgt rock

    best mod for my jk

    a few years ago i had a 5.7 hemi installed in my jk.... i believe from day one i started the hate relationship as i was averaging 9.0 miles per gallon. my second issue was overheating and pretty mothballed my jk to the garage.... last month i contacted camp crocker from crocker offroad- he had a...
  16. sgt rock

    2007 JK Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

    2007 JK Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (Flaming Red) Asking Price $60,000.00 but willing to accept a reasonable offer. About the only partial trade that would be accepted is for a 2011 (red) JK Rubicon Unlimited….. History- This Jeep has never been in a wreck and body is perfect. One small...
  17. sgt rock

    Video editing with a Canon

    I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed! BUT in times I can get by. Last year I bought a Canon 5D Mark II and have enjoyed it. I have shot videos in the past year but have not done much editing from this camera till recently. I usually viewed the videos in Windows Media Player or Quicktime-...
  18. sgt rock

    jk hood flame red

    i was going to put this in the for sale section but could not find a parts section. a while back i replaced my jk hood with a aev hood. seeing if anyone needs a jk flame red hood. no scratches, dings or dents....150.00 prefer local sale or pick up (phoenix) you can email off line...
  19. sgt rock


    i would love this in flame red! It appears to be built on a military J8 chassis but has 37-inch BFG MTs, Dynatrac axles front and rear, Hutchinson double beadlocks, a tuned diesel engine and some pretty sweet body mods...
  20. sgt rock

    the BIG jeep

    maybe not practical but would be a kewl camping rig!