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  1. Yukondoit

    Namibia in a 4x4 rental

    Fantastic read thus far. I'm hooked.
  2. Yukondoit

    Trans-Canada: North America and the Canadian Rockies

    Great trip report! You went to a lot of effort to document it and it shows. Thanks for sharing your adventure with me/us. Your experience at Moraine Lake was so fortuitous. I admit to a perverse sense of happiness when that sort of thing occurs. Sort of like the cosmic consciousness is siding...
  3. Yukondoit

    '87 VW Syncro Van in Powell River BC (Note: Though located in Powell River, I'm regularly in Victoria and Vancouver and will consider meeting up with serious potential buyers between here and there.) Selling my 2.1 L Syncro w/16" wheels, rear locking...
  4. Yukondoit

    Camper and Truck Photos

    FWC (Four Wheel Campers) Hawk (I think) with Silver Spur trim.
  5. Yukondoit

    Camper and Truck Photos

    Above Seton Portage B.C.
  6. Yukondoit

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Yeah, the fwc hawk is all I had read that it should be. Trucks okay too.
  7. Yukondoit

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Up West Harrison near Vancouver On Vancouver Island by the 10 ft diameter wooden pipeline that feeds Ash River Generating Station Close to Little Lillooet Lake.
  8. Yukondoit

    Camper and Truck Photos

    2011 tundra with a 2015 hawk (silver spur).
  9. Yukondoit


    I looked on and couldn't find 'em. Can you link them?
  10. Yukondoit

    Roaming Rally 2016

    Its difficult to discern where this rally taking place. Not until the end of the info page does it even mention a region. Ontario apparently (which seems obvious now I look at deadly99's location however...).
  11. Yukondoit

    1985 Unimog in Vancouver, BC

    Yep. It was/is really sweet. He'd done a tonne of work. I was torn for many months but went in a different direction.
  12. Yukondoit

    1985 Unimog in Vancouver, BC

    Hell of a deal! I looked at one this winter on Vancouver Island for 60,000 and its very similar (without the salvage title). One thing of note, and I don't know how closely people are when entering their location upon writing a craigslist add, is that there is very little chance that truck is...
  13. Yukondoit

    Four Wheel Camper - A Review

    Took me a while but I finally made it through the whole thread. Chock full of useful information. A superb resource for helping folks (me included) decide on which camper to go with. Thanks to KC I'm close to biting the bullet. Also thanks to all that contributed to this thread as I was...
  14. Yukondoit

    89 Mercedes 609D Vancouver CL

    No affiliation to the seller. There was another chev truck with a camper posted a few months back on here (everything painted flat black) from Abbotsford that had the pics taken in (what appeared to be) the same spot. Coincidence??
  15. Yukondoit

    Unimog Camper under construction

    This is one awesome build. Hope you're out making the most of it now and that all the worries you and your s/o had (medical and others) are behind you! Thanks for documenting this build so well. It's definitely an inspiration.