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  1. BrewsterII

    Thoughts on Roofnest Condor XL?

    My biggest concern would be, how well the ASA/ABS plastic shell holds up over time.
  2. BrewsterII

    Rimrocker/White Rim and Top of the World

    Very Nice, I'll be doing the White Rim in mid November, Can't wait ! :)(y)
  3. BrewsterII

    Expedition Overland Tacoma in BC?

    I find it odd that they could not swap trucks to the rightful owners at the border, being XO has their Tundra down in Montana. I guess the trucks could carry the Covid virus ................ heck I don't know. 😕
  4. BrewsterII

    Very small camping toilet?

    They are approved to be buried in most places if you don't want to pack it out.
  5. BrewsterII

    Very small camping toilet?

    I use a Thunderbox clone sold by Ironman 4X4. Its about as compact as you can get. Use it with the bags and powder, or dig a hole. I don't know of anything smaller/compact. The 3 legged one by PETT is decent, just be careful when you go to wipe, as you lean to one side it wants to "tricycle"...
  6. BrewsterII

    Thinking of a mild 4 runner build

    Actually, it was not loud. It's when people put the crossbars in backwards that they make noise. I drove with the OEM rack on for over a year. :) And if the Front Runner rack is making noise, "your friends" need to adjust the wind deflector on the front of the rack. It's all in the installation...
  7. BrewsterII

    Front Locker is it needed?

    Kinda like saying ......... 4 wheel drive is only required when you need it. :rolleyes:
  8. BrewsterII

    Thinking of a mild 4 runner build

    My Front Runner roof rack does not make any more noise than the factory roof rack on my FJC. Quiet in my opinion! :)
  9. BrewsterII

    Front Locker is it needed?

    This ^^^^^^ 100% ^^^^^^ ATRAC works amazingly good. Use it before you decide. :)
  10. BrewsterII

    New luxury Roof Top Camper soon on the market.

    LOL, I never feel un-safe in my existing RTT. :)
  11. BrewsterII

    New luxury Roof Top Camper soon on the market.

    For several hours now, I've been trying to figure out the level of absurdity this RTT fits into. Conclusion is ............. I cannot! WTF ................... A Million Times ................. WTF
  12. BrewsterII

    Aluminium hardshell RTT in Canada

    Personally, I'd have Autohome Maggiolina's/Columbus on that list.
  13. BrewsterII

    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    If you would have READ my post, I said "one of the toughest". It's a short sentence Skippy, slow down and read it! :)
  14. BrewsterII

    Maggiolina extreme handle lost and needed

    I think I need to order an extra hand crank and put it with my factory jack tools in the truck. (y)
  15. BrewsterII

    Maggiolina extreme mounting on an expo rack

    I'd think long and hard, and do all your research before drilling holes in the bottom of that tent. The tent was designed to mount from the 2 steel rails embedded into the fiberglass bottom. If you are doing a fair amount of off road work, Autohome recommends using 3 load bars. I don't...
  16. BrewsterII

    Bathing Question

    I don't have the ability/space to carry the extra water needed for showers. I've used these with excellent results, so much so, that I don't want to haul extra water for showering. These are NOT your typical "baby wipes"...
  17. BrewsterII

    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    I don't want to derail this thread but I guess I already did that. Anyway, this is my Extreme that sits on my FJC due to your honest, knowledgeable, low pressure RTT discussion. I really think Autohome builds one of the toughest, strongest RTT's out there. And ........... Thank you !!
  18. BrewsterII

    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    FrenchieXJ This is kind of off topic but ............. were you working the Autohome booth at Overland Expo West in 2017? This all sounds so familiar from the discussion I had with "someone" in the booth that weekend. I did indeed end up buying a Maggiolina Extreme and I'm very happy with it.
  19. BrewsterII

    Slumberjack roadhouse tarp / any other users?

    I love mine! It also works really good (strong) as a wind break. It was blowing like stink all week on this trip.
  20. BrewsterII

    FJ with all the "stuff"

    I think that can be said for most any truck on the road. Here in AZ, I see far more Jeeps and Chevy trucks that look like they have never been off road. I'm sure people think the same about my FJC as I always keep it washed and waxed. I use it, but I don't abuse it. I like my truck to look...