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  1. JJackson

    Overland Expo West 2015

    It's spring in N AZ, mostly windy/breezy every day.
  2. JJackson

    Horizons Unlimited Meeting Maritimes 2014

    Beautiful area, worth checking out for those that are interested. Worked in the area back in 2000.
  3. JJackson

    adventure motorcycle show on netflix

    Found a show on Hulu called Middle Kingdom Ride, two brothers attempting to ride around China on a pair of BMW's, just watched a little bit so far.
  4. JJackson

    2004 F150 Build

    I did the same thing for the power wire and Aux input for my satellite radio
  5. JJackson

    post your flat bed pics!

    It's from all that jerky he's eating..
  6. JJackson

    Why all the hi-lift hate? Is there an alternative?

    Last fall we used the main shaft/beam of a hi-lift to replace the bent up drag link on a YJ to get it off of and out of the trail. Worked great.
  7. JJackson


    I find mine to be quite so far.
  8. JJackson

    Any Fully built F150 expedition builds?

    Not bad at all, my 2004 super cab with a regular truck cap an no mods on usually on gets around 12-13, though it is mostly driven around town. My F250 long bed work truck with the 6.2L with the the tool boxes, winch and other things see and average of 11.5 mpg and part of that is highway.
  9. JJackson


    Soon as my "new" factory alloys arrive I am going to be getting a set of these for my F150 super cab.
  10. JJackson

    Battery mounted in the cargo area of an SUV?

    So the bug had the self-venting option, if anything leaks it just makes it's own hole to get out.
  11. JJackson

    Hmm can I pull a TW200 apart enough to fit in a Prius

    Open trunk, install front wheel and tow away!
  12. JJackson

    Show your Thumper!!

    Living up to your screen name??
  13. JJackson

    School me on 1982 Honda CT110

    You also need to do this at stop lights, especially when there're many peoples around. It helps if you look down like you're looking for something wrong as whack it open.
  14. JJackson

    Looking to buy my first motorcycle, need opinons. *Finally bought one

    I don't think it has to be able to stop as well, unless of course you're able to get it up to CBR1000 speeds.
  15. JJackson

    Chrysler V-twin a/c compressor for OBA
  16. JJackson

    Show your Thumper!!

    I think you're not suppose to feed them after midnight.
  17. JJackson

    leggings for snow?

    I recommend OR, I know have most of the employees at the utility I work for using them, I started wearing them when I was a contractor and everybody kept asking what they were. They stay up and stay dry.
  18. JJackson

    Super Tenere Panniers. By Sampsonite.

    Sweet! Do you need a permit to open carry the water gun?