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  1. robert

    Closet cleaning w/ GPS, camping gear, knives, holsters

    It’s time to clean out the closet and get rid of some of the gear I don't use. I've got pictures I can send but don't currently have an image hosting service after the photobucket debacle. All items are in SC, shipping outside of CONUS please contact me so I can figure out what it costs...
  2. robert

    Older Nikon help

    So I dug out my old Nikon D70S today and was playing with it when I realized it needed to have the firmware updated. I went to Nikon's website and found what should be the right firmware, v2.0, followed their directions and downloaded it into a folder on my desktop, got it unzipped and it opens...
  3. robert

    GoPro Capture software update

    If you haven't already upgraded I would hold off for now. Buggy, requires logging in (wifi connection), issues with older GoPros, difficulty reverting to an older version, people reporting difficulty connecting, etc. Once again GoPro fails to listen to their market and foist something on us...
  4. robert

    Pouches for use in Pelican cases?

    Does anyone know a source for pouches that fit in Pelican cases like the ones RMO uses? Example: It might actually be nice if they had the clear mesh style fronts as well.
  5. robert

    Any recommendations for a truck cover?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality truck cover. I'm going to be out of the country for a couple of months to a year and don't really want to leave the thing sitting. Unfortunately I don't have a garage to park it in and I can't build one of those aluminum carport things so...
  6. robert

    Pelican 1650 foam- uncut in box

    Anyone need the factory foam for a Pelican 1650? I bought the case with the foam and never used it. Amazon wants $126 shipped for this so how about $90 shipped?
  7. robert

    Toyota Tacoma factory front bumper w/ fogs- fixed the price + picture

    Wow- it's a front bumper and the aluminum piece that goes behind it off of my black 2005 Tacoma TRD w/ factory fog lights. The aluminum piece needs a good washing but it's in good shape including the metal tabs. No idea what it's worth but since I have to put a price say $75 OBO; located in...
  8. robert

    Toyota Tacoma Sliders- SOLD

    I bought these from one of the guys on TTORA then decided to go a different route. They've been sprayed with primer and black paint but never mounted (bolt on- I have no idea where I put the bolts I bought for them). I need these gone! SOLD Yes, that's two winch cables behind them and yes...
  9. robert

    Toyota Tacoma Tonneau cover- price dropped

    Leer model 700 In good shape w/ keys. This was on my truck when I bought it and I took it off shortly thereafter and put an an ARE shell on. I have no need for it and need to get it out of the yard. I gave it a quick bath but it could use a good clay barring and waxing/buffing. I didn't see...
  10. robert

    2007 Suzuki DRZ400s- Sold

    2007 Suzuki DRZ400s Mileage: ~3600 miles Blue and white It has been ridden off-road some and has some typical light brush scratches and the right side number plate has been replaced after I blew a front tire and went down- the paint on the tank is fine though. CR High handlebars with...
  11. robert

    Vehicle video camera system

    Is anyone running a set of cameras in/on their vehicle other than a POV camera like a GoPro or Contour? I've been thinking about putting a camera inside the cab and a couple outside but would like them to run back to a central computer (larger storage and I could check the alignment) and have a...
  12. robert

    Rooftop tent questions

    I've been looking at them for a while now and I read the threads posted here, but I'm still curious just how durable they really are. How much use are they really designed for? Can they stand up to say a trip down to Patagonia or even living in them for a month at a time? I really, really...
  13. robert

    Inexpensive wireless winch control

    I found this article while looking for something else and thought some people might find it useful.
  14. robert

    GoPro pan/tilt vehicle mount

    Has anyone made their own remote controlled pan/tilt mount for a GoPro? I've seen where the R/C guys have done this for planes and quadrotors but they don't utilize the case which I'd want for use on a vehicle that gets used offroad. I was thinking about something that I could mount to my...
  15. robert

    Anybody know any doctors in Baja or anything about their EMS?

    Years ago I had an offer to work in Baja and I stupidly passed on it (I had student loans and a girlfriend- dumb reasons looking back on it). I'm curious what's going on down there now and if anyone has any contacts who might be able to give me some information on possible jobs. I found this...
  16. robert

    Looking for a small propane heater

    I've got a Buddy heater for the bus and I've also got one of the Coleman Black Cat heaters but I want something smaller for the back of the Tacoma. I'd like for the head to be maybe four inches and have it connect to a one pound bottle either directly or by hose. Has anyone seen anything like...
  17. robert

    Exhaust fans?

    Has anyone installed an exhaust fan in their shell? I'm thinking about putting one of the smaller Nicro solar models. I'm not totally adverse to drilling a big hole in my fiberglass shell, I'm just curious if anyone has a better idea. The small fan will move a lot more air than I need to...
  18. robert

    Anyone start a non-profit/NGO

    Since I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up I've been scheming up ways to work overseas. Yes, I've actually spent some years working overseas and just finished up my latest which was two years in Malaysia. With that in mind, I got to wondering what it would take to set up a...
  19. robert

    Tacoma snorkle group buy

    Just a heads up for those on Tacoma World Forum, Kurt is putting on a group buy for snorkels through the end of the week. There's also a Wet Okole group buy being organized that covers all vehicles.
  20. robert

    ARB bumper question

    So I've had an ARB bumper on the front of my '05 Tacoma for several years now and I keep meaning to add some attachment points to it, the kind I can put shackles on. Has anyone added any to theirs and if so what did you use? I've been looking at the Expedition Exchange ones as well as just...