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  1. robert

    Bridger Teton Bear Attack

    Kind of, not really though- a Glock or other striker fired gun can be safely carried in a pouch with a Kydex trigger guard holster* and many folks do carry that way in Hill People chest packs for example. Not saying it's the fastest draw, but it is safe and I would have no fears carrying a...
  2. robert

    Sea To Summit

    I've got a handful of their gear as well, no problems. My older model Ultra-sil daypack is one of my favorite pieces of gear for travel, it make is easy to grab those extra groceries or an extra item in the market. It normally rides around in its little stuff sack in the bottom of my messenger...
  3. robert


    I've got one of these Grapevine Trading Company spice kits but they're out of business. Great idea and I just refill the containers as needed. This is one of the few companies that I've found selling spice travel kits...
  4. robert

    Your preferred Roof Rack straps, tie down options?

    Put a twist in them. ;)
  5. robert

    Portable A/C Unit....Gauging Interest

    I skimmed through this thread so I may have missed someone mentioning it already- it probably doesn't matter for this type application with short runs but those corrugated ducts are horrible as far as creating turbulant air flow. You'll get much smoother air flow, and thus more air flow...
  6. robert

    Has anyone seen (or made) a portable, folding cot/sleeping platform?

    Maybe I'm a bit dense (I am) but I'm not fully understanding what you're looking for. There are lots of different examples of how folks have created beds out there. Some have beds that fold up against an inside wall, others fold in half lengthwise, some have panels that drop into place when...
  7. robert

    Tire Air Compressor?????

    One of the Viair "C" units for constant duty. They make them for hard mount or portable.
  8. robert

    Plain vs Serrated Blade

    Meh, if that Santoku is properly sharpened it'll work just fine on tomatoes. I've got a Henckels Pro S 5.5" Santoku that I use for most cutting tasks in the kitchen anymore.
  9. robert

    Any muzzleloader hunters here?

    Older T/C Hawken .50 percussion- not a fan of the modern style muzzle loaders even though the T/C isn't really classic either, just my preference. As noted in the first post, you'll need to do some shooting to figure out what works best in your gun. A round ball over 95-100 grains of Pyrodex...
  10. robert

    Fiberglass camper top insulation ideals

    Cool, I'll have to give them a try. I've still got a couple of the older ones around here somewhere but I think they're eight hours- and I usually got around six or seven of actual heat.
  11. robert

    Fiberglass camper top insulation ideals

    If you've got a bit of insulation you'd be surprised how much even a single candle lantern can help. Obviously I'm not going to leave it going when I fall asleep but it'll help before going to bed and in the morning. I'd like to add a small radiant heater like one of these canister heaters but...
  12. robert

    Towing a 4,000 pound camping trailer. Tacoma or F150?

    The Ford, Tacomas suck for towing anything over a small, lightweight trailer. I've never been impressed with V6s for towing and the Tacoma's brakes are about marginal to begin with; I would definitely want trailer brakes. <-- Tacoma owner
  13. robert

    Fiberglass camper top insulation ideals

    Truck beds suck overall for trying to insulate, way too many curves and odd surfaces. Start at the bottom and work your way up. You'll need to isolate/insulate yourself from the bed floor and walls; metal beds are worse than plastic beds but not by much- they both suck heat away. Use a...
  14. robert

    New spare tire bag final testing!

    Same. I played around with it in the driveway after I got it but it's never been used and it's sitting in the shed in the original shipping box unused.
  15. robert

    New spare tire bag final testing!

    I agree. My current bag is certainly well made but it's way too large for what I need.
  16. robert

    Winch wiring help

    Blue Sea makes good products, you just want it heavy duty as a winch under load can draw a lot of amps. I went the cheap route, I just disconnect the positive cable when I'm not off-roading or using it. It took me all of a minute or two to reconnect it the other day when I pulled out some...
  17. robert

    Plain vs Serrated Blade

    I have an old Spyderco Delica tethered in my pfd pocket and a Gerber River Shorty on the lash panel, for everything else I use a plain blade. I carried a serrated sheepsfoot for a little bit at work but they suck for everything other than cutting rope or webbing- and a pair of scissors works...
  18. robert

    Padlock mounts

    Clever idea.
  19. robert

    Can someone recommend a low profile roof vent?

    Passive example: Active example:
  20. robert

    Anyone ever converted a fire truck

    I've seen a couple of Land Rover and Land Cruiser brush trucks that have been converted to expedition style with rooftop tents as well as some of the old German VW bus fire trucks.