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  1. Campndad

    Midland MXT275 install Thought I would share this article. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Campndad

    SOLD ARB extreme fridge trade or sell for $1000

    I bought this back in the fall and it’s too large for what I was wanting to use it for. I would like to trade it for an arb 50 series 2 with cover. I have only used it in our bonus room to keep water cold. Great fridge. I am located in Huntsville alabama, so I am hoping someone close may want a...
  3. Campndad

    SOLD 2012 lr4 HSE LUX

    2012 black lr4 for sale new price $14,000 Black with tan interior 120,000 miles All services up to date and services at dealer. Voyager roof rack with mesh flooring to protect top glass. Cvt awning with led Prospeed ladder Rhino rack hitch great for offroad Dog cage from Land Rover 4 led pods...
  4. Campndad

    Arb element fridge in 4Runner

    Has anyone put an elements fridge in their runner and if so did you have any issues with the 2nd row. Looking to purchase a 4Runner in the next few months Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Campndad

    Revel gear pre-sale

    Has anyone else purchased this presale and not gotten any communication or updates? I purchased this in October of 18 and at that time they said it would be ready by the holidays. Very frustrated that they have not delivered. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Campndad

    GOODYEAR mtr 255 55 19

    Has anyone had experience with these on a lr4? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spod install for lr4

    Was wondering if anyone has used this in their lr4. Would love to hear some feedback. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SOLD - Kanz Kitchen Huntsville AL

    Kanz kitchen for sale in Huntsville Alabama. This is the Field Kitchen K120P with Partner Steel Stove. Included Long Leg Set $29, P120 Mat set $14, Pair of side shelves $50, Horizontal Lid $35 and Grey Cover $? This is an awesome set up but now that we took delivery of a turtleback trailer we...
  9. Campndad

    1967 M416 custom expedition trailer

    I purchased this trailer in 2011 and have had so much fun with the family in it. We are now moving up to a turtleback. Color is Coniston Green This is absolutely the best piece of camping gear I have ever owned. Maintenance free, Fist in the garage with room to spare for a car. Custom axle...
  10. Campndad

    Gobi ranger for 2012 LR4

    Has anyone had experience with the Gobi ranger rack? Any suggestions on who to purchase them from, wait time, installation, and suggestions on the rack? I think I would like the mesh that goes on the back side above rear glass, since my rear glass in my previous lr3 has been cracked and...
  11. Campndad

    Lr4 roof racks

    I was wondering if anyone could share their preferences on a roof rack for the lr4. I had a Baja rack on my lr3 and trying to decide if there is a better option and would love some input. I am looking at voyager, Baja and front runner. I would also like to know if anyone experiences issues with...
  12. Campndad

    2006 lr3 110,000 miles one owner dealer maintained $10,000

    SOLD All records from day 1 All factory services performed 2x recommended fluid change for transfer case transmission and differentials Everything is in working order Spare items come with the vehicle Great truck just time for an lr4 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    USA Today Article on West Coast Defenders

    I was at a Hotel today and it was nice to see this article.
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    Lr3 iPad mounting pictures and suggestions

    I thought I would see if anyone has some ideas or suggestions for mounting an iPad in a lifeproof case to use with offloading trail maps. What has worked for each of you that have mounted one.
  15. Campndad

    LR3 passenger side dash cracks

    Has anyone come up with a solution to the dash cracks around the airbag in their lr3? I was wondering if anyone has had them fixed other than replacing the entire dash. I am leaning toward filing the gaps with black caulk, but do not know how that would affect the air bag deployment. Any...
  16. Campndad

    2013 Evoque

    This weekend i witnessed something that i did not think would have been possible the evoque on a trail ride. It was a first time trail ride for the owner a young lady from north Alabama. She never got stuck or high centered. She did an incredible job.
  17. Campndad

    LR3 Roof rack cross bars and basket $250 plus shipping

    These are Landrover bars and basket that can be used independently of each other. The cross bars has the bags and keys.
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    Cover for trailer roof top tent

    I have seen several tent trailers that have a tarp over the tent set up to shelter the area around the tent. I was wondering if somone had some input on the Type, size and amount of poles to include height that could be recomended. I have a M416 with a roof top tent. Any ideas or suggestions...
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    Conqueror Trailer for sale in NC

    Not affliated, but thought I would post.
  20. Campndad

    Expedition Campers Tarps

    Does anyone have any ideas for a Tarp that would cover their M416 sized trailer? I have seen some pictures of what looks like a 25x25 Tarp with poles using the Tent on the trailer as the Apex. We went over the wet labor day and it would have been nice to have. Do most people just use a simple...