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  1. stingray1300

    Tepui Gran Sabana mattress & anti-condensation mat

    I have a Tepui Gran Sabana (same as the Autana 4) mattress and an anti-condensation mat for sale. $100 obo for both. Both in excellent condition. I'm in the SF Bay Area (East Bay). Best to pick up, as shipping would be a real pain. Please PM me, as I don't get on here as often as I'd like...
  2. stingray1300

    What year CJ?

    Hey Jeepers, I'm starting to look at a project vehicle. I'm thinking a CJ7 (for the added 10" wheelbase over a CJ5). Any advice? Loaded question? Yup!:elkgrin: . I don't want to offend anyone by what I'm about to say, but I don't want anything that Dodge built. So, so what year(s) would be...
  3. stingray1300

    Dashboard solar for fridge?

    Does anyone make a solar 12vdc charger that one can just put on the dash of the truck - that actually fits? I'm talking about 18" - 24" x 6" - 9" max. Something that won't be too obtrusive while riding on the dash. (for when we're stopped camping for a day or two) . Anything like that...
  4. stingray1300

    Optima battery question(s)

    So, I just bought a Yellow Top Deep Cycle/Starting Optima battery for my '13 F150. My source gave me a decent deal on it, and the very minor bug seem to have worked themselves out (low initial voltage - 12.4) . So I tell a friend of mine, who frequents this forum about my new battery, and he...