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  1. jays0n

    Northern Tool 4ft Overland Trailer Build

    Looks great so far and you definitely you have some skills! Did I miss you mentioning that you will or won't ever be putting a RTT up there? Speaking from experience off road with my trailer when it was originally built tall like yours, it spent a lot more time than I was comfortable with on 1...
  2. jays0n

    New trailer - understand battery system

    Charging from the 7-pin connector is not really efficient enough to bother, if you really want to charge the trailer's batteries from the tow vehicle you need to run large gauge wiring back to it on a separate connector dedicated to charging, you can find lots of info about this on the internet...
  3. jays0n

    Solar and the RTT: What's the most common setup?

    With my trailer I built a dedicated 2 battery bank in a tongue style, locking tool box to be charged with the 100W solar panel and also by the built in dual bank charger (for when AC power is available). I run many LED lights (some controlled by wireless key fob), RV water pump, ARB fridge...
  4. jays0n

    RTT rack height recommendations?

    I had my RTT and rack setup with the bottom of the tent at the 6' mark and changed it after only a single trip. My Tepui RTT with a thicker mattress, condensation mat and the solar panel and rack mounted under it weighs 300ish pounds and that was WAAAYYYY too much weight up that high. On...
  5. jays0n

    A trailer for the short bus

    I believe it was drawn in Visio while I was bored at work one day. I looked and can't seem to find the PDF anywhere :(
  6. jays0n

    lifting the tent rack questions

    This is very similar to my build. I used telescoping tubing with the larger diameter on top to help keep junk from building up inside the tube. The lower tubes have UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) polyethylene tape on all 4 sides and they seem to slide very well with no lubricant. I have 4...
  7. jays0n

    A trailer for the short bus

    Sorry, been away for a while, I didn't realize it was fuzzy, if you really need a copy I can try to find the pdf and send it, or I could just answer any questions you might have about it :)
  8. jays0n

    RTT rack height recommendations?

    My build was originally done with the base of the RTT at the 6' mark so my annex could attach. The first time I had it on the trails I decided that was a terrible idea and started planning how to change it. I had it on 1 wheel far more often that trip than I felt comfortable with!!! My setup...
  9. jays0n

    Overboard Dinoot Build

    Looks great, I love my dinoot! Have you ever had issues with the tires rubbing?
  10. jays0n

    DIY water system / shower build for expo trailer

    I don't remember which model the pump is but the heater i have has 2 adjustments on it that can work to adjust the water temperature and flow. One is an actual valve that adjusts the amount of water coming into the heater and the other adjusts the flame. There is a min amount of flow for the...
  11. jays0n

    DIY water system / shower build for expo trailer

    My trailer has a 12 gallon tank mounted under the floor with a Flojet 12v water pump from an RV and is plumbed to a standard hose bib on the back. I have a propane, on-demand heater that I got on Amazon, I forget the brand. After we set up I hang it on the telescoping RTT rack, run the input...
  12. jays0n

    Telescoping rack question

    Unless I can't do math that sounds like 2' of overlap on an overall 5' leg? If so that's almost 50%. I have an RTT and an awning on my telescoping rack and I don't have even near that much overlap, I've never had any stability issues. I'd say you're fine.
  13. jays0n

    A trailer for the short bus

    I built the slide out for the fridge myself but the drawer unit was a purchased item from BetterBuilt I believe. I filled and organized the inside :)
  14. jays0n

    A trailer for the short bus

    Thanks!!! I have a drawer system that is mounted in the back of the FJ Cruiser with tools and recovery gear and it has a slide out for the ARB fridge mounted on top. This "chuck box" is portable and sits in the trailer for transport and is pulled out when we set up camp. It's worked out very...
  15. jays0n

    Welcome to the new DIY section

    Christian, Thanks for finally getting to this change, I think it's for the best and it seems like the rest of the folks here appreciate it too!
  16. jays0n

    Brake controller wiring question - help needed

    I have the same controller on my FJ cruiser and had no trouble getting it to work first try, it's an amazing controller and I highly recommend it! Breathing blue on that controller means it's not seeing the brakes on the trailer, it's what mine does when pressed and the trailer isn't...
  17. jays0n

    Building my expedition trailer with raised RTT

    You could bolt them but with telescoping tubing any bolts would get in the way of the inside tubing as it slides by. The UHMW tape came from TapeCase and was kinda pricey, like $60 a roll pricey! I have tons of it left so I could make you a deal on some if you want. On mine some of it has...
  18. jays0n

    Building my expedition trailer with raised RTT

    I can’t say for sure how many but I’ve ran it up and down a dozen or more times without a charge and didn’t notice any issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. jays0n

    Building my expedition trailer with raised RTT

    I believe I've seen the one you were looking at :) I have 12 gallons of water under the floor, 2 marine batteries in the tongue box and really heavy 33" tires and figured it would be heavy enough but it wasn't, still super unstable on off camber terrain. I'm using actuators from Windy Nation...
  20. jays0n

    Building my expedition trailer with raised RTT

    Looks great! I originally had my tent mounted that high but on a rack that was quite a bit less stout than yours and I had terrible issues with it offroad. It was too top heavy and spent a bit too much time on 1 wheel. I ended up rebuilding the rack with linear actuators so it could be lowered...