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    2006 Expedition Expedition. My truck as 'expedition' written all over it

    Hang your bags in the rear drivers side window. You aren't able to look out that window any way. I leave extra jackets hanging there incase I need them in my truck. They are on a hanger. I leave the passenger side open for lookin' of course. : )
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    Wheel Question for my 99 Suburban

    You can however use any of the new body style rims as they moved to 6 lug for 2 and 4 wheel drive. I just got a set of nice 17" wheels from a 2004 for my 99 burban. They also have a few in 16" and also options in 18" and 20" as well. I like using stock wheels so if I ding one up I can just go...
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    Ball joint advice - 95 Tahoe

    Could you buy some control arms from the junkyard, swap in your bushings and ball joints at your leisure and then install them? Seems like the junkyard would be glad to get rid of them being plane old 1/2 ton parts that would other wise be melted down. That was my plan, we have a pick and pull...
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    shelter for you and your motorbike

    wonder what that weighs compared to a nice 2 man tent. Of course I could all ways throw it in the chase van, oh wait I don't have one : (
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    I wonder if you could canabilize a rear Ac unit from a like year suburban.
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    This is the question going on in my head right now. Looking at LC's and I've narrowed it down to a 62 or early 80. I have 3 kids so a 3rd row seat would be nice. Even nicer if I could split it to carry more cargo. If I got a 62 I'd swap in an H55. If I got an 80 I'd just spruce it up. Working...