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    How did Northern Indiana become so popular for RV Manufactures?

    I recently passed through the South Bend area and noticed on I80 there are a lot of RV manufactures... Anyone know how Northern IN became THE RV builder spot? Doesn't seen to be close to
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    Am I crazy to want a mild long travel setup on a 80% road DD 4Runner?

    One thing kind of leads to another.... I will be due for tires soon. Ive always thought when it comes time Ill use it as a opportunity to go to a larger size(285). At the sometime I would do a lift. When I start researching suspension kits the BP51 stands out to me. It seems to retain the low...
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    DuraTracs or K02? 255/75-17 on 5th gen 4Runner.

    Planning my next tire purchase. 2018 Trd Pro. Pretty stock. I do a lot of fire roads to and from hiking locations. About 2-3 off-road trips a year. 1 on the beach, requires airing down. Considering a lift, leaning towards OME BP51s. Main goal is gain ground clearance, maintain reliability...
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    Such a simple request, Topo, turn by turn, load files...?

    I am currently researching and reading multiple threads on the board. I recently went on my first off road trip. I let my friend that has gone to the area lead. He was using Gaia on a iPhone. It seemed to work for him. I am a little old school and prefer a purpose built device like the gpsmap...