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  1. Kevin108

    What's the modern equivalent of the Eee netbook?

    I've used and loved my Eee 701 for many years. None of the diminutive ergonomics were ever an issue, but the low-res screen, 4 GB SSD, and 630 MHz Celeron are a useless combo for current web browsing and modern software. (For those that don't know, the Eee was slightly bigger than a DVD case...
  2. Kevin108

    Frankentent experiment: Smittybilt RTT & Tepui Ladder

    We've had our Smitty RTT for a couple years now. Overall it has been great, but I don't leave anything alone. I've done a few minor things, like lengthen the cover straps to allow for the bedding to be closed inside as intended. The cover was plenty big enough, but the straps were a bit...
  3. Kevin108

    Anyone running left and right awnings?

    Just curious if any of you have this configuration. If so, why did you want it and how have you used it?
  4. Kevin108

    Kevin & Shannon's 07 FJ build, "Serenity"

    I've had a 4x4 ever since I first started driving. I've had the wheeling bug ever since I first shifted a transfer case in that 85 S-10 almost 20 years ago. I went from it to an 87 Silverado and a 00 Jeep Cherokee. I've had other cars and trucks for DDs, but I've always had an adventure rig...
  5. Kevin108

    Planning a restomod for a trailer my grandad built in 1955

    This trailer was originally constructed by my mom's father back in 1955. It had new lumber installed in about 1994 by my dad and uncle, and then my uncle used it around his ranch for the next 20 years. He passed away a couple years ago, and the trailer's been passed along to me. It hadn't...
  6. Kevin108

    Protecting RTT and awning covers

    I know companies like Meguiars and 303 make products for vinyl roof covers and convertibles. Any of you know of any substance that will help protect and extend the life of RTT and awning covers?
  7. Kevin108

    Weighing my options for carrying extra fuel on an FJC

    I'd love to be able to carry a few gallons of fuel and have been looking at accessories to facilitate that. Please share any recommendations you might have. Below are my considerations so far, but these are certainly not the only options I'd entertain. I've got a 5 gallon Scepter can already...