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  1. Nd4SpdSe

    Babe the Blue Ox - Supercharged 2000 Frontier Build + Adventures

    Just found and blew through, great thread and nick truck! Curious on your brake master results!
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    Sunday was a different story. There was discussion about which trail to take and a friend suggested to come with them for a small group of more experienced drivers on a harder trail called Anson rated as a 3+. The trail leader was a double locked Jeep on 37s. There was me in my gen1 Supercharged...
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    Thanks! We hit the road to Minden with a quick stop at Canadian Tire. Was suppose to say goodbye to my aunt but she was done early. Regardless, the point was to stop to get some kitty litter and a bucket. Her plan was to improvise a toilet with the toilet seat she picked up on clearance for $5...
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    In Ontario. I had time off while the girlfriend was still working. Thanks to the Corona virus, she now works from home, so she brought her stuff and we set up her a desk at my parents place while I was on vacation. I took advantage of my dads experience as a (now retired) millwright to help me...
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    March break came around and that's when I decided to get the body work done on the truck. Just extend her life that little bit more. Drivetrain is still quite good but it's these Canadian winters that kills everything else with cancer. I spent a week and a half patching that, was back to work...
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    Oh man, it's really been over a year since I updated this? Time flies, well, blame COVID, really. This year flew by. Time for an update...where I have to start by finishing 2019. OK. With the haunted house and what was organised. I decided I was going to put the trailer away early and to make...
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    Welcome to the new DIY section

    If you could mine please as well, and thank you!
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    Oh, wow. it's been a while, but it's been an uneventful year for the truck and trailer, sadly. Leaving off from December and the crazy months that lead up to it, I was having a hard time regaining my energy, even during my Christmas vacation. During a conversation with my parents, my girlfriend...
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    Shower floor

    I got one of these But seems out of stock a lot...
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    Brake controller wiring question - help needed

    I don't know about JKs, but when I did a controller on a Journey, the brake pedal used, if I can remember right, ran off of 5v, and may of used a rheostat type system as opposed to an on-off switch. Regardless, it was weird setup and the standard install wanted to tap into a wire by the brake...
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    wild coast tent floor issues

    We throw a strap from the ladder to the rim of the trailer. It help with that and also we had experience with a storm (that had spawned a tornado earlier) wanting to close the RTT on my girlfriend, while she on the overhanging half, and shes not petite. Fixes both issues, but I really like XJOs fix!
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    Back when I got my knock off RTT 11 years ago (and still going strong). I remember looking at at the Autohome AirTop hardshells and I distinctly remember them selling for around C$2500 at the most expensive models. Now they sell for over C$5000+ I'm sure R&D was done and paid for long ago, but...
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    Knock sensor relocation First Gen Xterra

    I did it at first, but was still having issues. I had unbolted the sensor and isolated it and it was still detecting 'knocks' and playing with my timing and boost. I bypassed it with a resistor about 9-10 years ago.
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    Moderators - thoughts on creating a "Commercial Expedition Trailers" forum?

    It's hard to say. Even people with commercial campers may modify them, especially commercial teardrops and convert them for off-road.
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    Experience - Opinions on Linear Actuators

    I use Hydroworks ones from Princess Auto. They're cheap but been great. I have 4, one on each corner and good for a 280lb lift each. Not fast but does the job. They are tucked uip inside the tubing do not really exposed, but I have seen quite a few trailer builds with actuators on the exterior.
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    Trailer Brakes?

    It's what I use as well. Mind you, it's my first actual trailer brake controller so I can't compare for performance but I do really like it I especially love the remote install.
  17. Nd4SpdSe

    Trailer Brakes?

    I ran without brakes for a while. It was part of the plans but it was lower on the list of stuff to do. I seemed to of towed abd braked fine all that time. Then one day, I was coming down a hill and was on full brakes and wasn't doing well for slowing down. I was just happy the light at the...
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    Thoughts on POR 15 for trailer build?

    That's my question when it comes to it. It seems like a great, tough coating, but I'm curious about it's adherence to metal and any rust inhibition other then absorbing moisture as it dries. Using some sort of etch primer wouldn't be ideal to seal in the metal?
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    From there, November thought itself to be January and not only did we get constantly get dumped by snow, but temperatures dropped to January-like temps, averaging -15*C and even down to -18*C. My garage having no insulation and only one of those 4000w heaters, I had to wait it out. Eventually...
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    At this point, this is where all this starts to take it's toll on me. I knew the Xterra needed brakes soon, I could see the performance dropping, and eventually the brake light comes up, figuring I'm low on fluid from the worn pads. With that, I ordered some brakes. In the local Nissan club...