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  1. PhulesAU

    Houston area CL find
  2. PhulesAU

    Trailer in Houston area CL
  3. PhulesAU

    Brand New Kelty

    For sale 1 brand new Kelty Noah's Tarp 16. 260 square feet. $20 + shipping or Face to face around Pearland Tx 77581
  4. PhulesAU

    Noah's Tarp 16

    Brand New in bag, never opened from REI. $20 + shipping or local Pu in Pearland Tx area.
  5. PhulesAU

    Land rover in Austin TX

    If anyone is looking for a diesel.
  6. PhulesAU

    Stolen Post!!! or Why didn't I think of that
  7. PhulesAU

    HF Antenna

    1 complete Transworld HF portable antenna for sale. Kit includes Antenna, Quad pod base , remote band switching controller with 65" cable and fancy factory carry case. Price is $350 USD. Plus Shipping on Carrier of your choice from 77581 zipcode. Pearland TX Postal MO or PP accepted...
  8. PhulesAU

    As seen on TV.....

    Another insulated mug test.
  9. PhulesAU

    Water Bricks Got this e flyer about Water Bricks being on sale, if anyone is...
  10. PhulesAU

    Special tool???

    HELP!! Is there a special type wrench used to remove the bolts , from a double Cardin joint? I'm trying to pull rear DS and cannot get wrench or socket I own on to the bolt heads. It seems like the casting wasn't machined out enough for drive way wrenching. The end of the DS at the rear...
  11. PhulesAU

    As seen on the internet..

    Alternative temporary traction devices. Just found these, Too easy??
  12. PhulesAU

    Houston TX Craigs list

    Metal Jerry cans. I ran across this add, if anyone is in need.
  13. PhulesAU

    Texas Bug Catcher

    FYI...... TBC's are coming back to the market. Lookey here -----
  14. PhulesAU

    As seen on CL

    Might be a project for somone....
  15. PhulesAU

    CL Rokon

    As seen on CL.
  16. PhulesAU

    Cheap fix

    Found this for windshield video taping..... Panavise 809 Camera Window Suction Cup Mount: Camera & Photo
  17. PhulesAU


    How long did you take, between upgrading your license? apparently I waited 3 years.... Natural born slacker I guess.
  18. PhulesAU

    Acer netbook

    If you have a Acer Aspire one net book, and suffer the black screen of death. the simple fix, is to reinstall the BIOS by USB port. takes 3 minutes.
  19. PhulesAU

    VW Factory refridge

    Found a CL listing for a fridge from a Westie. shore/12v/gas. said to be in excellent condition, but can"t find much by way of search-Fu. Any words of praise from the group?
  20. PhulesAU

    Saw this on E-Ham

    Sweet idea for Yagi, especially when you are limited on storage space.