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  1. Carolina4x4

    WTB: Sink-equipped trailer under $10k

    We are looking to add a smallish offroad-capable trailer to our truck-camper rig. The camper has no sink on board, so we'd like the trailer to have a water source and sink. No need for propane, stovetop, etc. Additional storage would be good. Please PM or email at
  2. Carolina4x4

    Exterior, aftermarket showers for FWC pop ups?

    i searched the threads here, and found nothing on showers that could be added to the outside of pop-up campers. For my FWC Granby, a shell model that is coming with no plumbing, I am considering a "Road Shower" such as this one (no affiliation)...
  3. Carolina4x4

    Attached Exterior Kitchen Solutions?

    Buying a used FWC Grandby Shell with no kitchen inside. Anyone found solutions for attaching a "kitchen" (portable cooker and prep surface, some storage for spices, etc.) on the outside of a camper?
  4. Carolina4x4

    WTB: Outfitter Juno 10 truck camper

    Will consider all used Juno 10 models. Drop me a PM or email Thanks!
  5. Carolina4x4

    WTB: 4-door pick-up truck and large slide-in camper

    Looking for a reliable combo rig, 50k or less. We are a family of four. Don't mind a squeeze but should be big enough to sleep two adults, two kids not yet in their teens. So probably 9-foot plus camper. I have my eye on all the relevant truck camper websites and forums, FWC, Hallmark...
  6. Carolina4x4

    Moby question

    There is a nice looking Moby for sale on this site that I have a question about (no affiliation). The owner says the doors need to be replaced because of leaking. The Moby comes with new doors that the company sent him. However, I have read (also on EP) of at least one guy who had major issues...
  7. Carolina4x4

    Thoughts on 2019 gasoline Sprinter van?

    Considering the 4 cyl turbocharged gasoline powered Sprinter, now available in the US. Diesel is not an option for me, since we plan extensive travel south of the border, where low-sulphur diesel is not consistently available. Any initial thoughts on this gas-powered version? Seems like a solid...
  8. Carolina4x4

    Sprinter "144 wheelbase for 4 people?

    I need to go with the shorter Sprinter because of parking in my driveway. Anyone built one out with 4 sleeping bunks? Would like to see the configuration. I know there won't be much room left for anything else, kitchen, etc., but I'm prepared to compromise heavily.
  9. Carolina4x4

    Trailer for S. America?

    This wasn't getting much attention in Trip Planning so I moved it here: Our family of four is leaning towards a 4Runner towing an expedition trailer (with a large tent) for a 1-2 year trip across Central and S. America, including some remote, 4x4 areas in Bolivia etc. We could use some advice...
  10. Carolina4x4

    Mercedes 1222A Torsion an issue?

    Am considering buying the Mercedes 1222A currently listed on the forum. In good nick, it appears, and unusual in that it has a factory-mounted box already on it. Would like to keep it that way, but my question is, do I have to worry about torsion and therefore, lifting and placing the whole box...
  11. Carolina4x4

    The ups and downs of searching for a lift kit

    So real-world issues are bouncing around my efforts to find a lift kit for my 5th Gen 4Runner Limited. My ornery but highly skilled mechanic with 40 yrs experience working on Toyotas (all he does), poo-poos the basic lift kits (e.g., Bilstein 6112/5160) and wants to see me install at least an...
  12. Carolina4x4

    OME Lift on 5th Gen 4Runner: What else I need besides lift kit?

    I am going with a 2" Old Man Emu lift on my 5th Gen (2013) 4runner Limited (not trail). This is to get some added clearance for a trip to South America and eventually Africa. My question for those of you who have experience with lift kits on 4Runners, is there anything I should have installed AT...
  13. Carolina4x4

    Wanted: Robust Trailer with Brakes

    Need a suitable trailer, no more than $15000, for a 3-year trip across North and South America and Africa. Must be rugged, easy to fix (no fancy suspension systems), secure against theft (closed top), rainproof, and come with brakes (we are travelling in a 5th gen 4runner with stock brakes)...
  14. Carolina4x4

    Heavy sliders not smart for long-term overlanding?

    Starting to build out a 5th gen 4runner Limited (with large stock step rail) for weekend trips backcountry, including some rough stuff like the Georgia Traverse. But also hope to use the vehicle for a 1 year trip across South America. Aftermarket rocksliders worth their salt are heavy - 45lbs...
  15. Carolina4x4

    4runner overland specialists in North Carolina?

    Looking to have my 5th Gen 4runner Limited made ready for extended overlanding in North and South America. Anyone know of a shop in North Carolina that specializes in this? I want someone who understands the particular needs of overlanding in the developing world (versus 4x4-ing, rock crawling...