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  1. PhulesAU

    Waterproof LED Light recommendation?

    Did you lok around West Marine?
  2. PhulesAU

    Anyone have a non heavy duty rack on?

    Just rember the a Canoe will still have a pretty good wind load, even going straight down the road.
  3. PhulesAU

    Cummins 4bt 4x4 Quigley Chevy Van $13k

    Do you need a hunting permit with those bumpers???😳
  4. PhulesAU

    Antenna Mounting thoughts

    I'd put the 2/70 on the fender and the others on the roof. 10" if possible will be good seperation. the frequency separation will make them blind to each other.
  5. PhulesAU

    I have sort of a unique GMRS antenna question.

    You do realize that 5o+ watt antennas have been mounted that way for decades with no ill effects? anything above the Gigahertz level will be fine, as long as you are nt touching the radiating element. LOS is a missleading term in this case. Unless you put the antenna right up agaist the body...
  6. PhulesAU

    I have sort of a unique GMRS antenna question.

    Why would you think there would be a problem with a antenna in front of the windshield???
  7. PhulesAU

    Odd problem with backup camera monitor- electronic gurus?

    Also get the high power magnifier out and check solder joint and traces for cracks.
  8. PhulesAU

    Shock tabs keep shearing off on solid axle/leaf spring setup

    Can I throw in alignment? Shocke moving or not through the range of motion.
  9. PhulesAU

    4WD Truck So Bogged!

    4x4 can't make up for all bad desisions.
  10. PhulesAU

    Recommendations for first setup

    For chatter on the trails, this is all you need. Add a good antenna, tune it with a external meter and be happy. Should you go The Amature route Go Kenwood or Yaesu. GMRS ? I guess the Midland is ok, but remeber you...
  11. PhulesAU

    Compressor mounting spot?

    As long as you eliminate Direct Spray for the most part, exterior mounting shouldn't be any problem. Or you do a lot of deep water crossings.
  12. PhulesAU

    Help with light

    Silver Star.
  13. PhulesAU

    Antenna mounting center of hood?

    just use a mount for the hood seam.
  14. PhulesAU

    GMRS Antenna Options

    Too True, But will allow you to find part numbers alot easier than the company websites in many cases. I've had good luck with these 2. especially finding new old stock in or close to the bands I want, just a...
  15. PhulesAU

    GMRS Antenna Options

    Ebay has what you seek.
  16. PhulesAU

    signal impacts due to antenna locations and relation to other antennas

    Dual whips for 11 meters will get you Nothing. splitting 4 watts from a cheap cb is a losing propsition.
  17. PhulesAU

    My wranglers steering is too sensitive, help!

    Search Death Wooble. It will provide you with thing to check / look at / test when trying to diagnose your symptoms.
  18. PhulesAU

    Houston area CL find
  19. PhulesAU

    RAM 1500 - Mobile VHF/UHF Radio install

    I see what you mean, but maybe room for small speaker?? on the end so it would be a bit like wearing an ear piece?
  20. PhulesAU

    RAM 1500 - Mobile VHF/UHF Radio install

    What does the roof look like over the center consol???