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  1. cruiseroutfit

    CruiserFest 2018 - September 8th (Trail Rides starting that week) - Join Us!!!

    Join us for the 10th Annual CruiserFest event at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in SLC on Saturday, September 8th CruiserFest is a gathering of off-road enthusiasts with a love for Toyota Land Cruisers. Come and be a part of this fraternal event. It’s fun to see and even more fun to...
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    ExpeditionOverland: South America 2017 - Debuts 10/27/17

    We are on the tail end of our adventure and the episodes kick of soon, very soon! Check out the trailer :cool: Our update from Patagonia with release date details: Please take a peak our our 2015 Central America season and our 2016 Mackenzie Trail season if you haven't seen them yet. Thanks!
  3. cruiseroutfit

    Buy a ARB locker (or two) and get a free compressor and more!

    ARB LOCKER PROMO - We've been waiting patiently to be able to share this promo offer! Achieve true four wheel drive with an ARB Air Locker, which have been commanding power for the last 25 years. Used by the some of the biggest names in off road racing and by expedition teams around the...
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    Outlaws Run: 2004-2016

    Outlaws Run: 2004-2016 Light painting around the campfire (Perry Loughridge) My pal Perry has what I'd call an obsession for outlaws. It's a healthy obsession so don't let your mind wander. While some kids want to be an astronaut when they grow up, Perry wanted to be an western outlaw and I'm...
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    My 2016 in Pictures - Share Yours Too!

    Another year has come and gone and we are left with nothing but photos and stories (and perhaps a scar or two?) to remember the adventures had. While the stories are best told around a campfire, the pictures are fun to sort through and recollect. I hope by sharing these you find some places you...
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    Expedition Overland - Mackenzie Trail 2016 - On YouTube soon!

    For those that enjoyed our Central America YouTube series last year (ExPo thread here), we have a new series debuting soon. Check out the trailer :cool:
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    For Sale: Overland Journal issues

    I have the following spare issues available: Summer 2007 Fall 2007 Spring 2008 Summer 2008 Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Winter 2012 Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Summer 2015 $39/each or $40 get's you all of them ;) Buyer pays shipping, guessing $15 anywhere in the US via USPS. First come, first serve. PM...
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    My 2015 in pictures - Share yours too!

    As a new year rapidly approaches, I find it a soothing cabin fever remedy to recollect on the past years adventures. The places I went and more importantly the people I went there with. I find that I focus far too many of my pictures on the vehicles themselves and I'm making a goal to improve...
  9. cruiseroutfit

    Project Fauxverlander 200 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread

    Introducing the Cruiser Outfitters Project Fauxverlander (Faux-Overlander) Build First, let's get the name out of the way. The 200 Series Land Cruiser has taken some serious heat from some in the Toyota off-road community, lobbing comments like "mall-crawler", "bloated with needless...
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    What SD cards are you using?

    Any recommendations on solid (fast) SD cards that you've had good luck with? I've got a Canon 70D and I'm not good at off-loading cards, more specifically I don't do it. I pull off the photos I'm interested in and leave all of the photos on the card as a form of redundancy. I don't shoot a ton...
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    Simple solar battery charging for an anit-solar kinda guy?

    OK, I guess I'm not anti-solar. More appropriately it's just never been something I've needed. I've always had a dual battery system, fairly low power supply needs when not running (fridge, minor lights at night, phone/gps charger, etc). I think the biggest factor is I don't often stop and camp...
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    Cruiser Outfitters Customer Appreciation BBQ - August 7th, 2015 - Be There!

    Cross-posting this in the Land Cruiser section as it is technically a little more Land Cruiser oriented :D Would love for any of you to join us if you're in our neck of the woods...
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    Expedition Overland - 2015 Season

    As some of you know I had the unique opportunity to be part of an exciting adventure with the Expedition Overland crew this past spring. We spent 8 weeks adventuring from Montana to the bottom of Central America and the Darien Gap in Panama. Expedition Overland produces a high quality adventure...
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    CruiserFest 2015 - Sept 11-13, 2015 - Registration Now Open!

    Registration is now open for the CruiserFest 2015 event. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this amazing event, now in it's 7th year. What is CruiserFest? Cruiserfest is a gathering of Land Cruiser aficionados at Miller Motorsports Park to celebrate all things Land Cruiser. Need I...
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    Gone Safari - Africa E7 Trip Report

    Expeditions7 Africa - July, 2013 Text & photos by Kurt Williams The Expeditions7 Africa Fleet My favorite thing to do, is go where I have never been - Diane Arbus Pinch me… was this really happening? My spring had already been fairly action-packed and there I was boarding a flight in Atlanta...
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    My 2014 in pictures - Share yours too!

    2014 is drawing to a close and an early case of winter cabin fever has me looking back over what turned out to be a amazing year. Work, travel and play... all while surrounded by fantastic family and friends, new and old alike. Words alone wouldn't do this last year any justice, instead I hone...
  17. cruiseroutfit

    CruiserFest 2014 - Thanks for a great event!

    CruiserFest 2014 was an absolute blast. We would like to thank all of the attendees and the many volunteers, vendors and staff that made it the best CruiserFest to date. It was a great opportunity getting to spend some time out on the trails with our customers and spend the day visiting at...
  18. cruiseroutfit

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Expeditions7 Australia - March, 2013 Text by Kurt Williams, edited by Tacoma White & Jeremiah Proffitt. Photos by Kurt Williams & Jeremiah Proffitt Top Ten Ways to Know You're on E7 Australia 10. You're washing clothes in the bathtub of a 2 bed motel room shared by 4 people 9. You have learned...
  19. cruiseroutfit

    Project LXXIV - 1988 BJ74 Land Cruiser Build

    Introducing Project LXXIV Project LXXIV as she sat in port awaiting transport to the US earlier this year Check out all that chrome :D That will clean up nicely! Basic Specs: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser Model: BJ74V-MNX LX Trim Engine: 13BT 3.4L Turbo-Diesel Trans/TC: H55F 5 Speed &...
  20. cruiseroutfit

    Cruiseroutfit's 2004 Tacoma - Build Retrospect & Goodbye

    All dressed up for the ball - December, 2013 (Photo by Johnny Lange) Finally getting around to posting a 'build thread' at a most ironic time... she moved to a new owner today. This build text/pics originally appeared in a 3 parts Tacoma Magazine (now TCT Magazine) series, copied here for...