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    WTB: land Rover D2 steel wheels RRC114560/RRC114560MUW

    Hello expo world. Iam desperately searching for a set of 5 genuine steel wheels compatible for Land Rover Discovery 2. Part number: RRC114560MUW or RRC114560. These are 16 inch wheels. 5x120 with offset of 55 I believe. I dont care how old or ugly they are so long as they are not physically...

    Her name is Majesty

    2004 D2 215,000 Rust free Rebuilt motor (supposedly) Pearl White finish Bone stock This is a gamble. The journey begins anew.

    Need guidnce and recommendations for new suspension system

    I've been using using TerraFirma suspension kits since day one and now I'd like to give something else a try. I'd like to have a 3.5-4 inch suspension lift with really robust shocks and coils in the rear to compensate for a fully loaded cargo Bay and towing a small Jeep trailer long term. I...

    WTB: White 2004 Discovery 2

    Im looking for an absolutely rust free, White 2004 land Rover Discovery 2. Preferably stock or moderately modified. Something I can build up to my own way. Preferably in running condition, but I will consider anything at this point. Im based out of Central New Hampshire but I'm totally willing...

    Looking for a new radical drawer system for my Discovery 2

    I own a Discovery 2 and recently removed the second row seat assembly in order to maximize cargo/camper space in the rear. Next line of business is a lightweight yet strong half drawer system that stretches from behind the front passenger seat all to way back to the cargo door. I have a bed...

    For Sale: LR Disco 2 second row seats - black

    Im looking to reduce vehicle weight and maximize cargo space so the second row seats need to go. Black leather seats. Good condition with no known tearing or discoloration. If I had to guess, the rear seats were rarely used by previous owners. Open to resonable offers. Will ship anywhere in...

    Looking for some awning ideas for my D2

    I'm in need of a durable yet reliable easy to setup awning system for my 2004 Discovery 2. I prefer vendors here in the US if possible. I have a high profile Safety Devices roof rack so perhaps an awning that could be bolted to the rack? I'm also open to buying used if the condition and price...

    The official TRIARII build

    I've been absent from the forums for quit awhile now but my dedication to my Discovery II has endured and I'm proud to share this amazing build with the community. I hope to learn from fellow members as well as inspire others. My primary objective with this build is to create a reliable...

    Recommend good chains for Crawler 235/85R16 MT - Disco 2

    Im looking to buy some good tire chains for my Disco 2. Im running Crawler 235/85R16 MT's. I want something that is easy to install and durable enough to be used multiple times. I want these chains for the upcoming Winter Romp event and I want them in my truck for my Alaska trip later this year...

    My opinion of Land Rover

    I just posted this in a LR fan page and feel like sharing my thoughts on my wall. Regarding Land Rover: in my opinion Land Rover fell from grace with the introduction of the Range Rover Classic. Why? Because the RRC set the stage for all future Rovers: luxury over practicality. Rovers before the...

    Maine Winter Romp 2015: Who's going?

    I just got permission from my supervisors to take the days off so Im going to try and make it to this years Winter Romp. Anybody else from here plan on coming? Id love to meet up with some of you and drive up to Maine in a caravan.

    WTB: Decade of Discovery 1994-2004 metal plaques for my D2

    Does anybody have a spare metal plaque they would be willing to part with? I need 2 for my 2004 Disco 2 and have not had any luck finding any. Thanks

    WTB: A Decade of Discovery 1994-2004 metal plaque

    Greetings all I'm searching for 2 metal plaques for my 2004 Disco. If anybody has any please let me know and Ill make an offer. I know exactly what they are selling for, the problem being that they sell so fast and are in limited supply.... Not looking for the sticker version either. Thanks

    Looking to put together a Land Rover caravan for Far North Overland in April

    Greetings mates. Just wanted to remind everyone in the Land Rover community that Im still interested in putting together a Land Rover caravan for the upcoming "Far North Overland" in April 2015. From New Hampshire to Alaska. Anyone living in the northern states is welcome to jump on the...

    How and where do I get custom vinyle decals for my truck?

    Ive seen alot of decked out Overland vehicles with fancy custom vinyl decals all over the body panels. Is it expensive? How and where can I get them for my Discovery 2? Im not looking for anything elaborate, just some decals to commemorate my upcoming cross country overland adventure. Maybe a...