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  1. Nd4SpdSe

    Protecting / Enclosure for AC Inverter?

    I picked up a Xantrax 2000w pure sine wave AC inverter for a price I couldn't pass up earlier this year. I haven't installed it yet cause in all the places I want to install it in my trailer, while projected directly from the elements, doesn't guarantee there won't be any that would make it...
  2. Nd4SpdSe

    RTT Replacement Base Corners?

    My tent being 9 years old, it's doing quite well, but needs new base corners. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get them in Canada or the USA? It's an off-brand that's made "in the same place at the ARB RTTs", but they all look similar or identical anyway.
  3. Nd4SpdSe

    Propane Water Heater Quick Connection - Identify and Replacement Help

    I've got a Martin propane on-demand hot water system, as opposed to the popular EccoTemp, for the form factor, but hopefully I don't regret that decision, but it works well. The shower hose is a bit flimsy, and the connector isn't of the best quality either. I'm looking at fashioning my own...
  4. Nd4SpdSe

    Locking RTT Open - Secure For High Winds?

    I was wondering if anyone had made anything to secure their RTT in the open position. I've had my RTT for over 8 years now and I've never had this problem before. I've been through many high wind storms and watched tents and shelters get torn apart while I sat in my RTT all comfy and with a mild...
  5. Nd4SpdSe

    Nd4SpdSe's 2003 Xterra SE/SC MT

    Hello everyone! . I'm a long time lurker on this section, but I've spend the last few years in the trailers section. I honestly haven't really felt like it was a fit to post the build here since it's not really a vehicle I was doing an expedition build, but I guess it could fit the bill with...
  6. Nd4SpdSe

    Propane Tank Locations? Exterior Only?

    I've noticed on the trailer builds here that the propane tanks typically get mounted outside the trailer. I'm having a hard time figuring out how, if possible, to put one on mine. Are propane tanks not allowed to be stored inside the trailer, or is it for personal or legal safety in case there...
  7. Nd4SpdSe

    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    Long time lurker, and registered only a short time ago. I'm finally starting my trailer project. This has been in my head for quite a few years, it was just hard to find an affordable truck to start on. It kinda jumped up as a priority cause with the...