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    2009 Poptop Suburban Stealth Camper

    I'm curious, what would be the weight limit on the roof? We have two sea kayaks, 45 and 62 pounds, but then you need to add 80 lbs of Thule Hullavators and then, I dunno, 20 lbs for other Thule cross bars etc... So call it 200 lbs. Can you drive with that load? Can you park and raise the roof...
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    2004 Sienna AWD Campervan conversion $5500 OBO

    It's a little old for us but it really has us thinking of building one like it. I thought the bed/sofa was not needed but my wife saw that and said, hey, hmmm, that could work. When the bed is extended, how much floor space do you still have? What's the length of the interior? This is such a...
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    Lifestyle Overland: The Enchanted Rockies Trail

    Thanks so much for the planning and posting of this trail. We're in the early planning stages of doing this in a few years, once I retire. We're from New England so just getting there is a time commitment. We have a Jeep Wrangler but for various reasons we're thinking of not bringing it. I've...
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    Jacks for expedition vehicles

    When I first got my hi-lift I practiced in the driveway. The Jeep fell of the hi-lift, or almost did and I stopped before it did, but basically, you can't use these to lift a vehicle by the frame or bumper to change a tire. One of the problems is that our suspensions flex and the vehicle lifts...
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    E250 Quigley, Keene NH

    Not mine, just saw it driving by
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    Question for JKers with a roof rack.

    I use a folder platform I got at my local hardware store. You can see one similar at amazon. We needed something big and tall because one of us isn't tall :- ) and we need to put the kayaks on top.