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    Shower Toga

    Okay, here's a new product on the market that might be useful for many overlanders, particularly those with limited space but like to stay clean - the Shower Toga. Simply put, it's like a bag with two open ends - on both ends is a drawcord. I won't go into full details here, but check out their...
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    Work/Play Combo Sprinter

    Well, today I bit the bullet and purchased a 2006 Dodge Sprinter Van - 2500 High Roof 140 WB (less than 250K miles). The plan is to use it for a combination of work (hauling Simple Shower products from factory to assembly point, home, etc.) and also use it for travel. The intent is to maintain...
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    Non-touristy quick dry clothing

    Any recommendations on some good clothing that is both quick drying and doesn't look touristy/high adventure (i.e., Chino look, no cargo pockets, etc.). Looking at spending some time on the road in Europe next year but want to blend in as much as possible. I've check Travel Smith and...
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    2015 Renegade Trailhawk

    Anyone have one of these yet? I ordered one, but won't have it for about 3-4 months. I loved driving the Limited, but preferred the styles and option of the Trailhawk. If you have one, have you done any mods to it?
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    Patent for Simple Shower

    Hey all, just wanted to shout out that the US Patent and Trademark Office allowed all 11 claims of the patent for the Simple Shower. Can you believe it? I'm stoked. :wings: Stop by my booth at the NW Overland Rally in June and I'll let you buy me a beer while I regale you with tales of how I...
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    A unique grill

    Last week I went to the Washington State Fair and found this rather unique grill - it's called the Grill It! I liked the demo so much I plunked down my $ (and I'm not really an impulse buyer). It's a lightweight, round grill (about 13" across, and 1 1/2" tall) that fits over a burner (home...
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    Noob on a trailer

    Hi all, well, I decided to go ahead with my trailer build today. I've got all the metal (2x2x.120). wheels, axle, just about everything except for the box material and electric. Here's the plan - I'll be building the frame from 2x2x.120 (I just took a welding class at the local community...
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    Stacking pots

    I found these stacking pots at the Mother Earth News Fair last weekend. Seem like a great space saver if you like pots with fixed handles.
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    Best way to connect body to frame

    I'm about to start my build using 2x2x.120 for the frame (it'll be small and lightweight - about 4x6 and maybe 3' tall box, designed to be towed by a Subaru or Cherokee). Any suggestions for the best way to connect the box to the frame? I'm thinking of welding bolts to the frame as I don't...
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    Need 4130 chromoly steel

    Getting ready to start my trailer build, but want to do it in 4130 chromoly steel. Anyone know of a supplier that can provide 2"x2"x.095 tubing? I can't seem to find anything online (lots of 1.5x2, but I need/want 2x2). Will be checking with some more local companies tomorrow.
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    Simple Shower

    Not sure if this is the right place to post (or if it should be in the Classified section), but I think this fits better here. Mods, if I'm wrong, please don't hesitate to move it. Anyhow, I invented and am manufacturing in the USA (patent pending) the Simple Showertm. You can see it at...