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    NestBox - LR3/4 Storage/Sleeping platform

    Well this is an interesting development: Super Tramp
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    Chasing Demons [LR3 EAS] [Solved - I'm an dolt]

    Good [time of day you're reading this], I'm caving in and asking for help. I've read through the better part of all the other key forums (but I could have missed something). For the life of me I cannot figure out what's wrong with my EAS system. Actually, maybe that's a lie - I cannot properly...
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    SVO: Project Hero Press Release

    LINK to press release. Thoughts and feelings? No need to remark on how you can't tell it apart from an Explorer; as always the SVO vehicles are an impressive modification of the base vehicle (taste is always subjective). What do we make of the mods? I'm especially interested in the gullwing...
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    New MANTEC Product for Discovery/LR 3/4 - Overhead Storage

    I happened to be enjoying Friday in the office and discovered that Mantec is launching a new accessory for our vehicles. It's an overhead storage cage that appears to take advantage of the 3rd row grab handle bolts. Thoughts? I've be eyeing making an attic with webbing or mesh. LINK