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    Oregon Trailer owners

    My Oregon Trail'r Terradrop is 3 years old and holding up great. The OT boys put out a quality product. -Curtiss
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    Trailer Box with Slide Outs

    I had a custom box built by American Truck Box and then made my own slide for a fridge. It was about $1200 when all was said and done and that's with me doing the slide. I had mine made out of aluminum which has gone up in price so who knows what it would cost now. -Curtiss
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    Meet the "Hitch Hotel"

    Being an engineer myself that really sounds like a product manager that replied above, not an engineer. Numbers speak for themselves after all. That aside, a vehicle with a 3500lbs tow rating should be able to handle a 350lbs hitch weight. However, personally I would not want to put that to...
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    Issues with Inka Outdoors

    If you have a contract stating a delivery date (even an approximate date) this sounds like a slam dunk in court. I would threaten them with the deposit, reasonable damages for violating the contract and court costs. Yah, it's not the nice thing to do but it doesn't sound like they have been...
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    Teardrop awnings

    I'm pretty sure that awning would be wider than most any teardrop out there. I personally use a Bus Depot ez awning that I attach to my roof rack to go over my galley. Many people use a free standing awning or one of those SUV rear awnings or tents. I have not seen someone do a permanently...
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    Advice on trailer vs teardrop

    Like you my family and I spent a week camping in some pretty dreary conditions. Rained with wind almost constantly the 5 of the 7 days of that trip. Now, on my teardrop I have a roof rack which had 3 of those rack awnings attached (left, right and front) and a huge Bus Depot 8' x 11' awning...
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    Fridge inside or outside?

    I'm in the process of building out a custom tongue box with slide for my fridge on my trailer. I am definitely taking ventilation into consideration for this project since I live in the Arizona desert where temps in the summer routinely reach 115F. Some of the considerations for ventilation in...
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    Charging with Blue Sea inline or not?

    Ideally you should be fused as close to the battery as possible so it matters where your Blue Sea block is located. If you feed your Blue Sea block with a fused line that is fused at the battery that is adequate for the job also. I actually use the Blue Sea block that attaches directly to the...
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    SoCal Tear Drop Owners! Post up!

    I went a little nuts with the wiring on my trailer (not a SoCal, but same difference here). I originally went with a flexible solar panel but later decided on a 100 watt folding panel I could place where the sun was. This has worked out better for me at keeping the battery charged with solar...
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    Trailer rear stabilizer jack setup?

    My trailer uses a pair of scissor style stabilizer jacks similar to these I use a battery operated drill/driver to lower and raise them quickly. -Curtiss
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    Expo Trailer Electrical System Question

    An inexpensive battery charger that you can use at home before the trip and then top off through an inverter is definitely a plan. Just make sure your charger isn't bigger than the inverter and you're good to go. Looks like I edited my post after you replied. You might want to go back and...
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    Expo Trailer Electrical System Question

    How new is your jeep? An issue I (and many others) have run into charging a deep cycle battery only from a newer model tow vehicle is that modern vehicles use a multi-stage charging scheme. This lengthens battery life and apparently improves mileage by reducing the draw on the alternator (this...
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    Expo Trailer Electrical System Question

    No catch that I know of. There's a 4045 installed in my Oregon Trail'r Terradrop. They've been using them for years without any issues. In fact, I added a circuit to the 12VDC side for some additional USB charging ports in the cabin of my trailer. The 45 amp charge rating is pretty small but...
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    Expo Trailer Electrical System Question

    If you want to integrate your shore hookup with your 12VDC system so that your battery charges while plugged in to 120VAC then I would recommend going with something like the Progressive Dynamics 4000 Series. This unit contains an intelligent charger for your 12VDC deep cycle battery, a fuse...
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    Best offroad teardrop

    Checkout mixflip's channel on youtube. He has done several walk around videos of off road teardrop trailers at the various shows. A few of my favorites... Oregon Trail'r Dewdrop and Terradrop Overland Explorer TDK Moby1 The videos are nice because they give you a real sense of the trailer...
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    Oregon Trail'r Terradrop

    The cabin is 79 1/2" long by 59" wide. I'm 5'11" and 225lbs. It's comfortable for myself and my wife. The price from Oregon trailer (this excludes the extras I added like the roof basket, Snomaster Fridge, custom aluminum storage box, Roadshower, etc) was $24k. The majority of the extra cost...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Abandoned mining town of Alta, CO...
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    BRX1, Moby XTR or Inka Venture

    One additional thing I will mention which I wouldn't have realized until after taking delivery of the trailer is some of the off road teardrops have a galley counter height that makes it unusable unless you're 6'6" tall or use a step stool. I remembered this when Michaelbestlynd mentioned the...
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    BRX1, Moby XTR or Inka Venture

    I, like you didn't have the time or skills to completely build my own trailer. I did a boatload of research before deciding on my Oregan Trail'r Terradrop. I was looking on the luxury side of the off road teardrops also. The Terradrop doesn't have all the options available on, say a Moby 1...
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    Looking for custom built aluminum box I had these guys build me 2 completely custom aluminum dry boxes for my trailer. The quality of the boxes I had built was outstanding (double welded) and I really like the "tumble home" style with slanted fronts. Here's a shot of one of the boxes on my trailer's...