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    New trailer company

    Ran across this today when I got my new RV Tech magazine in. Seems to be pretty basic with the mombasa tents on top. They do sell a build it yourself guide as well as an unfinished version for around $750. Figured i'd throw it up here.
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    JD2 model 3 bender and notcher

    Located in Denver, will not ship JD2 model 3 bender With these dies; 1" - 3"clr 1.5" - 4.5"clr 1.75"- 5.5" clr 1" - 4.5 clr square + brand new Pro tools notcher - the 1" and the 1.5" are the only dies that have been used, and they have only a couple of...
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    craigslist - '65 nimrod tent camper - $400

    This would make someone a nice offroad camper with a few mods. Definitely a great starting point. Don't know the guy, just saw the ad
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    Another freezer-225- Denver area

    Combined freezer finds thread Here's a smaller Dometic unit. A bit overpriced in my mind, but someone interested could probably bring him down a bit. Here's a Norcold in Phoenix. Older unit, but I have one just like it that works like a top...
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    Land Rover Defender Tailgate - $150 (Boulder)

    Not mine, but I am wasting time on craigslist today. Thought someone here might be in need
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    1964 Land Rover Defender 110 NEW Hi-Cap Pickup

    Not mine, but I found it interesting until I read the price. Who knows, maybe someone that appreciates old rovers will find it a good price. 1964 Land Rover Defender 110 NEW Hi-Cap Pickup
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    Norcold Tek II - $400 - Denver area

    Just ran across this online. Not mine, but I did see it at $600 a few days back so he might be willing to negotiate.
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    Roof top tent - Denver

    Not mine, and I don't know the guy... Just found it on craigslist and thought of you guys.
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    storage setup - Denver

    Found this on craigslist and thought someone here might be interested.
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    Wanted - Toughbook computer

    I know a lot of you guys seem to run one so I thought I would add this to the places I am looking. I am looking for an older toughbook on the cheap side. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    M101 - Western Slope Colorado - $1500

    No affiliation with the seller, just on another forum I play on. If you are interested, I can get an email or phone number from him. Looks like a real nice unit
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    WTB: pull pal

    I know someone has one they bought that sits in the garage, or at least a link to a good price. Thanks
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    Tires in Denver

    I have a set of Goodyear trackers. 31/10.5/15 I want to get rid of. I bought them during the blizzard last year and my jeep was the only thing moving in my hood. They only have about 5 to 6 hundred miles on them. Come still on some steel rims, 6 lug chevy, toy variety. $250 with rims $300...
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    Thought for guys running vehicle axles under trailers

    I was sitting next to a guy on the way home running a nice trailer made from a jeep tub with the stock amc 20 under it. This was a nice rig with a kayak rack up top. Looking at the pinion as he took off got me to thinking. I had a lot of friends runing circle track stuff growing up and several...
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    Range Rover classic parts- Denver area

    Just ran across this online and thought of you guys.
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    Misc toyota parts

    Stole this off of another forum because I thought some of you toy guys might be in need. No affiliation, shop is in Denver. If this breaks the rules let me know mods. Cleaning Shop - Used Parts Sale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have a...
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    Scepter can measurement

    Looking for the measurement on a scepter can front to back, and height. Thanks
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    Wazat campers?

    Anyone ever seen one of these units? Found it listed on the local craigslist, but can't find the manufacturer. I'm not interested in buying one, but there is potential there if you buy just the "pod"
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    Gross Resevoir - Colorado

    Gross is near Boulder, and a real nice place to go. They opened it last year to non motorized. Real nice place to paddle close to the Denver area. We broke in the new inflatable kayak out there. Just thought i'd throw it out there for the people in this end of Colorado. Had a talk with some...
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    1964 Nissan patrol - Denver

    Not mine, and don't know the guy. Just thought someone here might be interested.