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  1. X-plorenow

    Wrangler JL / JT Steering Issues

    Anyone else hear about this or have this issue? I have a 2015 so I hadn't experienced it.
  2. X-plorenow

    GAIA Issue

    OK I am stumped. I am a long time GAIA user and feel very comfortable with the tool. I got a new Android phone and just installed GAIA. I try and login and it says Incorrect password. I have tried the same login on two different computers, works fine, no issues. I even tried logging in on chrome...
  3. X-plorenow

    SOLD - ARB 63 Qt Fridge & Slide Located in the Northeast

    Selling my 63 Qt ARB fridge with matching slide. Unit works great. No broken parts. I few scratched and dings, and a couple of rust stains on the bottom from the basket. I had bought it for my Tacoma and used it in my Jeep for a while but won't fit in my current configuration behind the seat...
  4. X-plorenow

    Wolfpack Alpha - 2014 JK Build Thread

    I wanted to start a build thread for my latest jeep as it has been a little while. I am a long term portal member and have posted about a lot of vehicles. My first Jeep was Red, an 02 TJ that I loved to death and drove all over Colorado. That was until I rolled it off a 10,000 foot...
  5. X-plorenow

    Falken Wildpeak MT on Toyota Rims, Set of 5 - $1000 (Wilton, ME)

    Awesome tires in excellent condition. Only selling as I am parting out vehicle. I just bought a set of 35's for my new Jeep. Strong durable tire, great in the mud but also in the road. Very quiet on the road for an MT. 33" x 12.50 x 16 285 / 75 / r16 Here is an example retail listing for...
  6. X-plorenow

    (SOLD) ARB Deluxe Bull Bar Winch Mount Bumper, Toyota (1995-04) Tacoma - $500 (Wilton, ME)

    Used Gen 1 Toyota Tacoma ARB Front Winch Bumper. In great shape. Just selling vehicle. Retail price is $879.70. sample retail listing with product details included below as a reference. Asking $500 firm. This does not include Winch. Winch is also for sale, Warn VR10 10,000 lb winch. No...
  7. X-plorenow

    Custom Gen 1 Toyota Tacoma Rear Winch Bumper w / Tire Carrier - $750 (Wilton, ME)

    Custom Toyota Tacoma Rear Winch Bumper w / Tire Carrier built by Badland Bumpers. Their work is spot on. Only selling because I am parting out the vehicle. Some rust around the spindle and tow hitch. But otherwise excellent condition. A listing for the base bumper without tire carrier can be...
  8. X-plorenow

    JW Speaker Model 6145 J2 Series Fog Lights (Carbon Fiber) - $150 (Wilton, ME)

    Used JW Speaker Model 6145 J2 Series Carbon Fiber Fog Lights for a Jeep JK. These lights are awesome, I am only selling as I switched to an stubby bumper that doesn't have fog light wholes. Here is a link to these lights on the JW Speaker site...
  9. X-plorenow

    Jeep JK Unlimited Hardtop

    Hard top for a Jeep JK unlimited four door. 3 pieces, both front panels and rear. It is in very very good condition, near new. Black tinted windows. Rear wiper and defroster. Mounting hardware included. Asking $1600 OBO This is a genuine Mopar JK hardtop and lists for $2550. NOTE: This...
  10. X-plorenow

    Garage sale - Jeep JK heavy

    I have several items from my garage that I am looking to sell. -- Roller Fairlead - Brand new. Goes for $45, will sell for $20. Teraflex JK Monster Forged Front Track Bar - Brand new. Goes for $200. Will sell for $150. ASR Synthetic Winchline, 3/8" by 100' and Safety Hook, in orange. Brand...
  11. X-plorenow

    Jeep Garage Sale

    Have a few items looking to sell from my garage. Posted in for Sale section but also here as it it mostly Jeep parts. Please move if not appropriate. -- Roller Fairlead - Brand new. Goes for $45, will sell for $20. Teraflex JK Monster Forged Front Track Bar - Brand new. Goes for $200. Will...
  12. X-plorenow

    JK Comprehensive Spares List

    So what should we include in a comprehensive spares kit, to support a lengthy self supported expedition. What is the core list of parts we should consider, whether based on severity / importance, known weaknesses of the platform etc. Thought that it would be interesting to get everyone's...
  13. X-plorenow

    Open Invitation

    Hi All, My name is Mike and I used to be a Land Rover owner. I have been clean for over a year now and all is going well. I am now a satisfied Jeep owner and couldn't be more happy. I did have a recent scare though, I had to take my car to the dealer, after 62,000 miles I was grief stricken as...
  14. X-plorenow

    Jeek JK Critical Spares List

    I know that we had several of these list going on in the Land Rover page and for good reason (after three land rovers I discovered that the critical spare was a full time mechanic:yikes:). While I expect a much smaller list I still think that it is a truly critical effort. So what are everyone's...
  15. X-plorenow

    RTE Suspension Swap

    I currently have a 99 DII with an RTE 2" suspension lift with a 1" spacer. The engine is blown and I want to swap it over to my 04 DII. Are there any issues with this swap? I believe RTE markets two different products, one specifically for the 03 and 04's. Thanks, Mike
  16. X-plorenow

    Disco 4.0 to 4.6 Conversion

    I need to replace the engine in my 99 Disco II and am leaning towards a 4.6 rather than the stock 4.0. I plan to try and do the swap myself. What considerations do I need to keep in mind? I know there are some differences but can't recall. Engine mounts? Harness? ECU? Thoughts?
  17. X-plorenow

    Disco II & 35's

    Anyone out there currently running 35's on their D2? Any pics that you are willing to share? I am heavily considering 35's on my D2 but want to see them before I decide. I haven't been able to find any pictures online as of yet. Thanks!
  18. X-plorenow

    Are You Kidding Me?

    OK I can't believe I am doing this again. I was driving my 99 Disco II near my house on the highway at about 60-65. Ever since the last problems with my 97Disco I watch the temp guage like a hawk. it was dead flat. Started to smell hot and like some antifreeze. I also then saw some white smoke...
  19. X-plorenow

    X-plore II Discovery Build

    OK, let's try this again. I have previously mentioned that I rolled my Jeep, and then recently cooked the engine on it's replacement a 97 Disco I. So this weekend I picked up a new to me 99 Disco II. Hopefully I will have better luck with this one. I better as I can't keep picking up cars...
  20. X-plorenow

    Disco Diesel Conversion

    In a previous thread I mentioned my engine problems after overheating in my 1997 Disco I. I am now considering buying a different Disco and possibly eventually do a diesel conversion in my original disco. Has anyone doen this? Or have any thoughts?