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  1. Arktikos

    Good price for a '93 RRC?

    Sure sounds like it to me. Of course the devil's in the details. 1993 Land Rover Range Rover Classic. AWD, Automatic, V8. 169,900 easy miles. Long Wheel Base, very roomy AWD, go-anywhere SUV, rides like a Cadillac. Good, siped, aggressive tires. Ready for winter! Full-size original spare...
  2. Arktikos

    Speedometer reading too fast?

    Just bought a 2001 4 Runner to replace my pickup truck. The tires are 225/75r/16, which I believe is stock for SR5. But it seems like I'm not actually going 60 when the speedo says 60, I'm going slower. Is it possible that this truck is geared for a slightly bigger tire?
  3. Arktikos

    2 years and 45k Miles in a rusted out '88 Ford Festiva

    I just came upon this story in the latest copy of Alaska magazine. A search of the Portal forum didn't produce anything, so hopefully this isn't a re post. A quote from the article: The "Peace/Love Car" had logged over 400,000 miles and was loaded with bikes, racks, gas cans....The car (all...