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  1. cruiseroutfit

    Expedition 7

    Hmmm, that could be arranged.
  2. cruiseroutfit

    Expedition 7

    There are quite a few threads here on the forum with information and photos of the Expeditions7 journey as it was happening. You can also find some fantastic E7 feature articles in older issues of Overland Journal. You can read more and see some videos of each continent here...
  3. cruiseroutfit

    Just bought a 2020 LC Heritage and I love it!

    Congrats! I had the opportunity to coordinate the launch party for the new Heritage here in SLC. We had a fleet of Heritage 200’s. I wanted a 16+ badly, now I want a Heritage!
  4. cruiseroutfit

    Project Fauxverlander 200 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread

    Just a recharge. That said I did do a full shock swap out before a Baja 1000 trip a few months back. The originals were some of the oldest (thee oldest?) and the fronts were still great, my rears were weeping oil.
  5. cruiseroutfit

    Project Fauxverlander 200 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread

    Behind on updates :D Lots of little updates, mostly just been using it this past year and still cleaning the dust out from the last two Baja 1000 trips. I've had a bunch Swell, desert and Moab trips so it was time to get it in the shop and do some cleanup. I've had what I suspected was a bad...
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    Land cruiser rally

    Glad you enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to work the event with Toyota, MT & the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum. Fun project!
  7. cruiseroutfit

    80 series spring spacer difficulty

    Phil nailed it. Also I’m assuming you have the sway at disconnected?
  8. cruiseroutfit

    Expedition's 7

    Sure. The platform folds in two and drops behind the seat back when seats are upright position. There are some much older threads on the expeditions7 voyage and prep that might contain pics. Let me dig through my pics and see I’d took any that will shed light on that.
  9. cruiseroutfit

    2007 LC cooling fan failure

    Not at all common. They do get brittle with time and heat (like 30 years old) but more often it’s something getting dropped in there, blades getting tweaked, etc.
  10. cruiseroutfit

    Needed Asap Manual Hubs GEN 2 / 2.5 ?? I have looked

    100% - we stock pallet loads of that for the Land Cruisers. Ping me with the part numbers you're after and I'm always happy to look into it.
  11. cruiseroutfit

    Needed Asap Manual Hubs GEN 2 / 2.5 ?? I have looked

    I've had a few inquire about getting more of the FHM-002 hubs. We can absolutely still order them in from Japan BUT the price is a tad higher as we didn't get them on our big bulk order. $230/pair shipped in the US. Give us a call @ Cruiser Outfitters 801-563-1277 to order. Thanks!
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    ExPo 70 Series Registry

    We (Cruiser Outfitters) stock a wide variety of parts for the 7x Series and can get much, much more. We add 20-25 7x specific part numbers to our inventory each month. We supply a great deal of parts to our partners at Land Cruisers Direct so we get great intel from them on the parts their...
  13. cruiseroutfit

    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    I had a great meeting with Malte a few weeks back here in SLC. They are making some changes to their US offerings and retail aspect and have some neat plans. I'll let them share said plans when they are ready. :D
  14. cruiseroutfit

    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    Looks great Adam. We had a similar experience with the Timbren mounts, we ended up using the forklift to dial them in the the exact distance with an estimated "reserve" for hard hits. Fwiw we have precut sets of the relocation plates. Could have saved you a few minutes of fabbing.
  15. cruiseroutfit

    200 Series Buying Guide

    My advise. Buy the newest and lowest mile you can afford. If it has over 100k, inspect/discuss/consider radiator replacement, starter replacement, rear wheel bearings.
  16. cruiseroutfit

    Cruise Moab 2019

    Sweet, can't wait!
  17. cruiseroutfit

    Project Fauxverlander 200 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread

    From the inside with power, yes. We have an interior switch kit. From the inside without power, a 9V battery would suffice. From the outside without power, a rock :D
  18. cruiseroutfit

    Project Fauxverlander 200 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread

    Suspension update. Still love it! My BP-51 is one of the oldest installs to date, over 3 years old now, lots of flogging and still comfortable and compliant. I did add some trim spacers front and rear and a larger set of General X3's right before departing for the B1K. My loads have changed, I...