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  1. Roaddude

    Are Alu-Box bear proof ?

    . I have three "Certified Bear-Resistant" Zarges K470 containers and have had them on adventures around North America over the last three years. I have two #40810 and one #40678. Rangers have come in camp multiple times in bear country when on their rounds and twice have said the sizes I have...
  2. Roaddude

    2 AWG on wiring.

    . Nope, that's actually just the way the glass is shaped, seriously. I intentionally avoid any candle with spiritual crap. .
  3. Roaddude

    2 AWG on wiring.

    . Actually working on my galley table hooked to the trailer fender. Makes a sweet smooth outdoor work surface about 8' long. I use it for all sorts of projects when backcountry. Makes a great desk area too, when working on images. Yep, SB50s, and yep, that's one of my Morakniv collection; the...
  4. Roaddude

    2 AWG on wiring.

    I believe it is more important to have the charge controller closer to the batteries than it is to have the panels close to the charge controller. I've been running my system for a few years. Portable panels, originally on a 15' 10AWG cable. Controller to batteries, 10AWG. I regularly run them...
  5. Roaddude

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    . What an awesome little unit! I'd love to see how it's built in person, especially compared to the fiberglass Scamp type trailers. Some I've seenhave a far more solid floor than others, and better joint midway, too. I like this one being low, with the pop-up. Very cool. .
  6. Roaddude

    XO750 Trailer Jack

    I have an ARK XO-750 on my XVentures XV-2 trailer. I bought it as an upgrade to the single-wheel Fulton jack that was on it previously. XVenture trailers now come with ARK jacks installed. It's simply the best trailer jack I've ever used or run across, bar none, in over forty years of towing...
  7. Roaddude

    Where are all the 6.6 duramax vans?

    . I agree, most don't part with them. I have an '08 GMC 6.6 Duramax Savana extended body van. Last year before DEF, from what I understand. I've had it since early 2012 and have had zero problems with it. I've driven it all over North America, from Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec to the...
  8. Roaddude

    The Covid-19 Machine

    Good lord. Bet it is stocked with $48 cans of tuna. Looks like a mess of the vehicles one usually sees down in the desert.
  9. Roaddude

    Long road to nowhere.

    This road, heading east out of Boise City OK, always reminds me of Steve Earle's song Nowhere Road. "There's a road, in Oklahoma Straighter than a preacher Longer than a memory And it goes, forever onward Been a good teacher For a lot of country boys like me. . ." This particular morning it...
  10. Roaddude

    Long road to nowhere.

    Another one along the border. .
  11. Roaddude

    Long road to nowhere.

    Far west Texas along the border, this old pass goes up and over the mountains. .
  12. Roaddude

    Night Shots of Camp

    Full moon nights in the desert are the best. Lowland Basecamping Along the Mexican Border .
  13. Roaddude

    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    Camp alone out here for a few weeks and it's like being alone on another planet. Mexican Border, Chihuahuan Desert, 2019 .
  14. Roaddude

    Random RIG Shots

    Miles from any pavement. No humans for even further. Just the way I like it. Full Moon Night in the Chihuahuan Desert .
  15. Roaddude

    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    One of my favorite, and easiest, camp meals on the griddle: a couple nice filets, some mushrooms and onion, and a bunch of grilled asparagus. I love my outdoor kitchen. .
  16. Roaddude

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Moonset Over Mexico .
  17. Roaddude

    $46,000 Dollar Overland Trailer?

    They're real works of art, and extremely well-thought out and rugged as all hell. Though way out of my price range. I bought my American-made XVenture XV-2 (military trailer mfg w/long heritage) from Exploration Outfitters in OK, who now sells the Patriot Campers in the US. My XV-2 was the...
  18. Roaddude

    Night Shots of Camp

    Windy Nights In the Chihuahuan Desert I have a ton of images of my camps around North America. This one keeps popping back into mind when I think of all the time I've spent in the desert. Alone out there for weeks, miles from any pavement, long morning walkabouts checking animal tracks and...
  19. Roaddude

    Let's talk frying pans

    That's a great idea, and I have a damaged 12" Vollrath I might try it with before doing my good one. Though the way I keep my 8" & 10" sauté pans--tucked together on top of my stove and under the kitchen box lid--I don't really need to cut their handles, having the 12" with a removable handle...
  20. Roaddude

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Windstorm in the Chihuahuan Desert tow vehicle: GMC Savana EB Duramax trailer: XVentures XV-2 with rack and added RTT and Bundutec Bunduawn (360) .